Online Shopping Credit With Ginny's Choose N' Charge

Online Shopping Credit Options With Ginny's Choose N' Charge




Ginny’s is an online catalog that has been serving its customers for more than two decades. It has been in business since 1990 as a catalog that is well oriented in giving its clients the best shopping experience.  Ginny’s is a catalog that presents to its wide range of customers various types of products. Ginny's is a very unique catalog because in the same catalog you can have antique furniture and as seen on TV products as well as all kinds of stuff for your kids and pets.  It's not so much a one stop shop, but the items themselves have a very distinct personality.

The catalog has a remarkable history of having products that speak to its unique clientele. While the catalog, both online and print form offer unique products as well as hard to find antiques, it does also offer mainstream conventional products for personal use as well as house and home. Additionally, products at Ginny’s are usually keenly selected. Customers who want products that are unique can definitely them at this catalog. Shopping from Ginny's helps ensure that while you have updated and current personal products and products for your home, you can still stand apart from the crowd.

Ginny's gives you the opportunity to buy fantastic goods however you do have to submit to a slight credit check if you are using the online catalog.  You can always try Grand Pointe online catalog if you want $100 instant credit to go shopping for goods. Grande Point allows you to build up credit over time, all the way up to $500. Thus if you are someone who needs to build your credit history, then a buy now pay later catalog like Grand Point is a great place to start.

Types of Merchandise Sold In Ginny’s Catalog or Website

Ginny's Recycled Cotton Rose SweaterCredit: Ginny'sSquare Dinnerware, 16-Piece SetCredit: Ginny'sLoveseat, Carved with luxurious golden jacquard fabricCredit: Ginny'sNordic SweaterCredit: Ginny's

Products at Ginny’s are exceptional and are often items that may not be found in other catalogs online or print. The online catalog has items to meet your needs and the needs of your family. These are organized in various categories for the customer to have an easier time finding what they are looking for while shopping. The product categories in Ginny’s include:

  • Kitchen and dining: these are items such as Ginny’s brand, accents, appliances, and bowls. Cookware, flatware, food storage, kitchen furniture, and bakeware.
  • Bed and bath: these are items such as bedroom furniture, blankets, pillows, sheets, towels and rugs, bath accessories, feather beds and mattress pads, and bedding sets.
  • Furniture at Ginny’s: are items that include bathroom furniture, benches, chairs, curtains, coffee, console tables, kid’s furniture, home office furniture,  cabinets and hitches, and bedroom furniture.
  • Home décor: they are items that one can use to improve and develop their house such as clocks, planters, decorative accents, rugs, seasonal, fountains, curtains, pillows, figurines, statues, candles, and candle holders.
  • House ware items at Ginny’s include fans, travel, pet care, gadgets, outdoor items, heaters, floor care, sewing and ironing.
  • Clothing and accessories: these include women clothing, jewelry, men’s clothing, shoes, handbags, and other accessories.  
  • Health and beauty items: these are beauty, health, personal effects, fragrances, and fitness equipment.
  • There are different toys and items fit for children’s play such as riding toys, games, educational items, creative play, doll and doll accessories, radio control, and outdoor play.
  • Gifts: are items such as gifts by care, gifts by recipe, collectibles, food gifts, gift certificates, flowers, personalized, food gifts, and shop by occasion.

Other "One Stop Shop" Catalogs Include:

Benefits of Using Ginny's Buy Now Pay Later Catalog and Website

There are a number of benefits that a person has while he or she is shopping at Ginny’s. These benefits include:

  • The products at Ginny’s are some of the best quality products that customers can find in the market today. With this catalog you can be sure that the customer always comes first. This attention to customer care is so the customer does not experience disappointment and frustration because of a product they bought from Ginny's. The service providers at Ginny’s are there to make sure the customers have the best experience in order to form a lasting relationship with the company. A happy customer always remains loyal. So Ginny's makes sure that their customer service is always top notch.
  • Customers at Ginny’s have the privilege of shopping for their product at any pace while they are using the online catalog. This is an advantage to customers especially those that run late can save time and shop at any place e.g. while in the office. A customer can place an order online and wait for the products to be delivered as per their order details.
  • With Ginny's fast shipping services, international customers can order their products online or from the catalog and expect to receive such products within 10 days. Customers have the privilege of having their products shipped by several different modes. The online catalog also has the buy now pay later option. This is a significant advantage that one can use to obtain these fabulous products from the online catalog and pay for it over time. This can include people that have poor and bad credit histories.

Disadvantages of Using the Ginny’s Catalog or Website

Shopping at Ginny’s has a number of disadvantages that customers should be aware of. 

Some of the disadvantages include the fact that the customer has to bear other charges such as shipping prices which varies depending on the products the product or products that they have ordered. The credit is not an automatic credit, there is a slight approval process which may exclude some people with really bad credit. Also, people may not want to give out information only in order to obtain the possible instant credit. Ginny’s charges credit clients several penalties which may potentially anger the customer. These are charges especially for people who have late payments. As an online credit system a customer has to watch out for any cases of identity theft.

Instant Credit Application Process at Ginny’s

In order to obtain a credit account at Ginny’s one has to send forth his or her personal details through the website. Customers are invited to select product of choice in the catalog. Then choose and create an account by accepting the terms and conditions and submit. Then the applicant waits for approval on the same.

Interest Rates at Ginny’s

The Ginny’s online catalog like other credit offering catalogs has interest charges that they impose on customers as penalties in case of any payment delays. These interests’ rates are different from one person to another. However, the rates range as from 5.5-23.99 percent. Hence, a person can easily minimize the interest charges by paying their balances.  


Special Note:   Buy now pay later catalogs and websites offer their clients an incredible opportunity to buy the latest name brand items at competitive terms.  Even if you have bad credit you can shop online using the buy  now pay later deferred billing or monthly billing option to buy clothes,shoesfurniture, electronicscameras and camcorders,  airline ticketsbeds and other home furnishingscomputersphones, Christmas or birthday gifts, food and other delicacies, and so much more. Many of the catalogs offer free shipping and instant credit on items as well as the opportunity to buy from the catalogs with no credit checkWhatever you can get in a high end department store like Macy's or even an everyday man's department store like KMart or even WalMartyou can find in a buy now pay later catalog.