sunglasses Armani

The latest in fashion and style brings to mind just one name Giorgio Armani. If you haven't heard of the man than you must be living under a rock, he is today's prince of design and fashion. You my have seen him on the front page of well known magazines, with famous and beautiful models at his side, you can't get any more exposure than to stand next to a name such as his. If you wear Armani then you wear style it seems to make one feel a little more important wearing a brand such as this.

Any designer will gladly have Giorgio Armani in their advertising campaigns with such a global high profile, Armani is no stranger to this kind of advertising, and I'm sure that most will pay him a healthy sum of money just to have his presents, let alone promote his products. Well I am not gonna put him on a pedistool because there are wealthier entrepreneurs out there but he has made a name for himself.

In his latest campaign Armani has managed to get the most wanted man in the soccer world (David Beckham) to promote his latest style in under wear for men, who else better to promote and market his products than Beckham with is fame and Armani's fashion and fame you don't have to be a genius to see the potential in earnings for this venture. There are many famous celebrities that are promoting Armani's products what better way to get the word out than putting them on well known celebs.

Celebrities are dawning themselves with his fashion wear, and his range of Armani sunglasses have been seen on celebs such as Russel Crow who was spotted wearing Armani's GA 567/S Aviator sunglasses at the premiere of his latest film 'State of play' and even Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman were seen wearing the wraparound model '9436' and thats just to name a few, and who else better to promote his eye wear than famous celebrities.

You are sure to make a statement anywhere in the world if you are seen wearing Armani, it is the latest craze at the moment and seems that wearing Armani makes one feel important in stature, fashion and style. Unfortunately I think I'll stick to my warehouse glasses they do me just fine , but one day I might depart with my money and buy a pair of Armani sun glasses or anything with the brand name ,but I can't see it happening any time soon.