It is a simple fact that there are more men riding on motorcycles than women; however, there are quite a few girl motorcycle helmets to choose from! Not only will these helmets protect your precious head in the unfortunate event of a motorcycle crash, but they will allow you to look stylish while riding! One would automatically assume that motorcycle helmets that were made for women would be more expensive than those that were made for men due to the smaller selection; however, they are all being sold for roughly the same price.

Safety should be your primary concern when you are choosing motorcycle gear to wear when riding; however, nobody can neglect style! All of these motorcycle helmets are made to be worn by women, and offer protection and style at the same time!

Most Girl Motorcycle Helmets Will Come In Small And Medium Sizes

I am not trying to be sexist or show any preference for men riding motorcycles; however, the truth of the matter is that the majority of women’s helmets come in medium sizes. To be honest with you, the vast majority of women will fit into a small motorcycle helmet; however, their hair usually takes up some space, and requires them to go one size bigger.

The best way to figure out whether or not a motorcycle helmet fits you is to let your hair down! Unfortunately, the motorcycle helmet cannot be worn properly if your hair is in a bun, so you should figure out what helmet size you need when your hair is down. Some women also prefer to keep their hair short, so they will not have to worry about this when picking out the protective gear that they will be wearing while riding their motorcycle!

The Hawk Pink And Black Full Face Helmet Is Perfect For Women That Ride Sports Motorcycles

Most people assume that a girl is riding a motorcycle when they see long hair protruding from the back of the helmet; however, the truth of the matter is that men can grow their hair long as well. The only other give-away that a girl is riding a motorcycle is the color and design of the helmet that she is wearing.

The Hawk full face model that I am speaking about is a motorcycle helmet that is designed for girls! It is pink and black, and extremely comfortable! I would recommend this helmet to any girl that rides a sports bike because the ventilation ports will allow the fresh air to enter into the helmet. The faster that she travels on the motorcycle, the more air that will be let in!

IV2 Has A Motorcycle Helmet With Pink Butterflies! Feminine But Tough!

Simply put, it is hard to look tough when you are wearing women’s motorcycle gear. However, this girls’ motorcycle helmet by IV2 is one of the meanest looking pieces of protective gear that I have seen a woman wear! It is dressed with pink butterflies that allow it to look feminine, but has a shape that allows it to look tough! This is, by far, one of the best-designed motorcycle helmets that I have seen!

Buy A Matching Motorcycle Jacket, Gloves, And Boots For A Very Stylish Look!

Let’s face it, the primary goal of the protective gear that you buy for your motorcycle is to protect your head and body in the unfortunate event of a collision; however, most motorcycle helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots are designed with style in mind! Realistically, if all that the companies cared about was protecting you on a motorcycle, they would manufacture products that were black and did not look good. However, the companies that release protective equipment like motorcycle gloves, boots, and jackets know that STYLE SELLS!

People do not want to hop onto their motorcycle dressed in ugly gear!

You should definitely consider buying a motorcycle jacket, gloves, and boots to match the helmet that you have chosen. Women that ride motorcycle often get made fun of or mocked; however, choosing a Teflon jacket and a pair of boots to match your motorcycle helmet will make people stare in awe!

It is not a rare sight to see a woman riding on a motorcycle; however, it is not as commonly seen as a man riding one. With that being said, the main feature that allows people to know that it is a woman riding on the motorcycle is the long hair protruding from the back of the helmet. These girl motorcycle helmets will allow people to know that it is a woman riding solely by the design, and will also offer enough protection to protect them in the unfortunate circumstance of a crash or fall!