Girl Scouts Selling Cookies

During this exciting time of fundraising for girl scouts, selling cookies is at the front of our minds. Girl Scouts are eager to earn prizes, raise money for their troops, as well as earning patches and the Cookie Activity Pin. While you will want  to sell as many cookies as you can as fast as you can, it is important to keep in mind the lessons that you are learning along the way (goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics). Anyway, let’s discuss ways to maximize our sales. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you to succeed in your cookie selling venture.

Easy in and out

Your location should be easily accessible by car if it an outdoor booth along in road, or by foot if it is indoor or near where people walk, ride bikes, or rollerblade. When selecting a spot, try to think about how easy it will be for your customers to arrive at your booth and quickly leave. Will they end up stuck in a line of traffic? Will it be stressful for your customer to stop and buy your cookies? An ideal location is one where the customer is only mildly interrupted from doing what he or she was doing when they decided to buy your cookies.

Make it easy for your customers to BUY YOUR COOKIES, and then get back to their lives.


A cookie booth is usually very small, consisting of just a table and a couple chairs. If you think about it, in most cases, the customer only has a few seconds to decide if they want your cookies and how much hassle it will be for them to get to your booth. Will they have to make a U-turn? Have they even had a chance to think about what cookies they might want?

The best way to remedy this problem is with signs. Signs can be a great tool to get the word out about your booth so that people know that they are coming up to a cookie booth location. This will give them the important extra time to think about how delicious the cookies are and how badly they want some. It will also allow them to figure out if they have the money and how they will change lanes or whatever they need to do to get to their booth. If the customer is surprised to stumble on your booth and faced with such a quick decision, the quick and easy answer will most likely be “no”. No is bad!

To add an extra fun touch, make up signs with cute sayings and space them out along the road so drivers see them as they get nearer to your booth – sort of like the old Burma Shave signs. You will be surprised at how many people will comment on your signs. One of the most effective I have seen is having three signs in a row that say “Got Milk?” - “Get Cookies” – “Girl Scout Cookies Ahead”. People will love it.

Use as many signs as you can. It works!


Each selling day, it is a good idea to go to the local party supply store and purchase a dozen helium balloons. Then tie the balloons to whatever you can find near your booth. This will greatly increase visibility and thus will greatly increase the number of people that notice that your booth even exists. The small amount of money spent on balloons will pay for itself in just a one case increase in sales.

Put up balloons so your customers have a chance to start dream about delicious Girl Scout cookies.


When you sell a girl scout cookie, you are selling more than a delicious cookie. You are selling an image of professionalism and you are selling fun. Some councils have cookie costumes that the girls can borrow and wear at the booth. This can be very successful in locations where the girls can be seen by people passing by. If the girls show that they are working hard and having fun – people will come.

Try to borrow costumes from Council so that you stand out to your customers.

Cookie Menus

Most people do not know about the different cookies that you are selling, especially when the cookie selection changes from year to year. An idea that works well is to make a menu of the different cookies that shows the name and the description of the cookie. Print several copies of the menu on heavy stock and hand them out to customers as they approach your booth. This is especially effective when there is a line of cars waiting. It helps to occupy the customers and make their wait less painful. It also speeds things along by letting them answer their own questions about your cookies. Feel free to put any other important information such as the cookie price on the menu. Anything to minimize these kinds of question will allow you to serve more customers more quickly. You do not want to lose a sale because your line of cars got backed up.

Menus will help to inform your customer and speed up the sale.

Girl Scout Cookie Menu(43262)


If you can get the newspaper to do a story about your awesome Girl Scout booth, it will not only increase your visibility and your sales, it will be exciting for the whole troop. If you can do a great job and make your booth unique by using these and other tips, just call the local paper and see if they will do a story about it. Small newspapers love to do “feel good” stories and Girl Scout Cookie season is a perfect story for that.

Girl Scouts in Newspaper Article

Work Hard and Have Fun

The most important thing you can do to maximize your sales potential is to work hard and have fun. People can buy cookies anywhere. They buy Girl Scout cookies to help the girls and because they are delicious. People want to help out kids that put forth the effort. As a bonus, if you are enthusiastic, people will not be able to resist handing over their money to you.

Good Luck!