When school is out and you are looking for something for your daughter to do, you might want to consider looking into your local Girl Scout camp for summer fun.  Sending your children to day camp can be quite an expensive proposition, and Girl Scout summer camps provide an inexpensive alternative.  You can send your daughter for a one week overnight session or more if she wants.
The Benefits of Girl Scout Camp

Girl Scout Camp Duffle BagsCredit: www.amazon.comAttending Girl Scout summer camp is an enriching experience for campers.  First of all, there is the common denominator of the girls’ involvement in the Girl Scout program for those who belong to a troop.   Secondly, there is a special camaraderie  that develops in an all girl environment   Girls are also exposed to a variety of different experiences beyond the activities of their regular meetings and field trips.  Besides arts and crafts, the girls learn about the environment, participate in water sports, and learn to cook both indoors and outdoors.  A greater appreciation for nature is fostered, as well as a sense of independence when girls are away from their parents for a week.
One of the reasons girls stay in Girl Scouts as they get older is to develop their leadership skills.  These skills are further honed when attending Girl Scout summer camp.

Who Can Attend Girl Scout Camp
Girl Scout Camp Overnight Duffle BagCredit: www.amazon.comYou do not have to be Girl Scout to attend Girl Scout summer camps.  So if your daughter is best friends with a girl who is not involved in scouting, she can still attend.  All the girl has to do is pay the twelve dollar registration fee in addition to the camp fee.
Financial assistance is available for girls whose parents cannot the costs.  Applications for aid are available online on your local Girl Scout Council website.  Be advised that these scholarships are limited, so the earlier you apply, the better the chance of getting one.
Girl Scout Summer Camp Staff
Girl Scout Camp Duffle BagCredit: www.amazon.comSome parents worry about sending their daughter away to Girl Scout summer camp.  All staff has a background check done, and all are certified in First Aid and CPR.  Overnight camp staff are all adults over the age of eighteen, recruited from colleges and local community agencies.  Day camp staff must be at least sixteen years old.

Bunking With Buddies

Girl Scout Camp Duffle Bag(74845)Credit: www.amazon.comThe staff at Girl Scout summer camp understands that being away from home can be difficult for girls of any age.  That is why they can request to bunk with one friend who is attending the same session.  Make sure each girl requests each other.
Camp Food
Girl Scout camp duffle bag(74846)Credit: www.amazon.comAnother concern about sending your daughter away to Girl Scout summer camp is what she will eat.  This is especially a concern to those who have a picky eater.  While camp favorites are served, alternatives are also offered to those who do not like the meal of the day.
Attending Girl Scout summer camp is a wonderful experience that many girls look forward to year after year.  Why not look into your local camp for your daughter?