What Kind of Uniform Should Your Troop Wear?

Updated 2019

Girl Scout uniforms are part of scouting life. As a Girl Scout Leader, you are responsible for choosing what parts your girls will wear. As part of a troop, the children need a uniform. To be honest, they do not look any better than they did when I was a Scout in the 1970's! In this age of designer clothes for young children, wearing a full fledged Girl Scout uniform just won't fly.

Ten years ago, when my oldest daughter started as a first grade Brownie Scout, the girls in the troop all bought the skort, vest and socks. On the day of the meeting, the girls were so excited to wear their uniforms to school.

Girl Scout UniformsCredit: By The Library of Virginia from USA (Girl Scouts Uploaded by AlbertHerring) [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by The Library of Virginia from USA (Girl Scouts  Uploaded by AlbertHerring) [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

By third grade, they only wore the vest to school.

By fifth grade, those who remained in the troop kept their vest in their backpack until the meeting after school.

Besides the "coolness" factor, you need to consider what kind of expense the families in your troop can handle when choosing a troop uniform. Some children in your troop may be getting financial help for the registration fee. You will be collecting dues, too, and the girls buying handbooks. Those are more important to have than the pants or shirt.

Why Do Girl Scouts Need a Uniform?

By wearing a uniform , you are promoting the sisterhood that is one of the lynch pins of the scouting movement. Think of a sports team-they all wear the same shirt and pants so that they know they come together as a unit, not as an individual. Each troop is assigned a number to show that they are part of a particular unit.

Brownie Girl Scout UniformCredit: www.boscovs.com

Brownie Vest courtesy of Boscov's

What Should the Girls Wear?

For my Daisy troop, I decided that we would have our own "uniform". The kids needed to buy the vest. I suggested to the parents that the vest should be larger than their daughter's present size so they  could grow into it and use the same vest or tunic for two years. The girls would also wear a white or mostly white shirt and blue jeans, two things they already had in their wardrobe.

When my troop became Brownies, the only change in uniform was to buy a new vest to use for the next two years.  As they bridge from Brownies to Girl Scout Juniors this spring, there will be two slight changes to the uniform we wear.  

How to Earn the Brownie Art to Wear Try It PatchCredit: photo copyright mommymommymommyFirst, they get to choose whether or not they want a vest or a sash.  I explained to them that a sash would not fit as many patches, but the choice of what to wear is still theirs.  If your troop want a sash, then make sure they get the extra large size so they have more room for patches.

The other change is that the troop made green tee shirts in order to earn the Brownie Art to Wear Try It badge.  I bought large tee shirts for them to paint and grow into.  They can wear this or a white shirt to our Junior meetings.

No matter what you choose to have your girls wear as part of their uniform, there are certain parts that need to be on the vest or sash.

The American flag needs to be on the top of the Council ID set.

The Council ID badge set shows what Girl Scout group your troop belongs to.

The troop number also goes underneath, and then the troop crests.  Membership pins and disc go beneath that, and then bridging patches and other awards.

Girl Scout uniforms are essential to scouting.  They make the girls feel like they are part of a team.