Everybody knows and most can even sing that girls just want to have fun. Whether at twenty or at forty, a girls' night out is a great way of spending quality time with your friends, of relaxing and enjoying yourself. Since it's that much fun, though, why not turn a girls' night out into a girls' whole day out, make it a regular outing and pack one day a month with all the favourite activities?

You have school, work, your family on your head at all times, and even though you love them, you don't have much time for yourself because there are classes, new projects and home duties you have to take care of, so you're behind on your hair colouring, shopping, celebrity gossip and quality time. You could, however, make one Saturday not about your kids, about your courses or your boss's wishes, but about pleasure, leisure and fun. Just call up your girlfriends and make a date.

Nothing starts off a girls' day like a few hours at the spa. Arrange it so that all of you can be taken care of at the same time, just while one is on the massage table, another one is having a facial and yet another is getting her nails done. Different procedures will release tension and help you forget abut the issues of your everyday living, they'll relax you and make you feel beautiful, which will in effect boost your confidence.

Once the faces are radiant, the bodies are tension free and the spirits are uplifted, it's time for a girlie lunch so you can peacefully talk over the spa time and catch up on everybody's latest gossip. Try to continue the healthy approach and grab salads, fruit and pita bread sandwiches rather than greasy burgers or pizza, as you'll need your energy for the rest of the day and the evening, and heavy food tends to put most people to sleep.

Energized and full you'll be ready for some serious shopping. Being with a group of friends is like having several stylists with you, only better because they'll be completely honest and not cost you a penny, so have the courage to finally try on that dress you've been eyeing for months, or let your girls talk you into checking out a coat you would never think is your color or cut. You can all help each other out and if you'll leave the stores with shopping bags, you'll know for sure that you bought something you look good in.

As much fun as shopping is, it's also exhausting, and by the time you're done the spa and lunch energy will most likely run on fumes, so this will be the perfect time for a dinner before you hit the dance floors. Make sure you have a reservation at one of the happening places so you can enjoy the meal, your own company and the surrounding at the same time. Power up your batteries over delicious food and good conversation, and head to the nearest club to get rid of any stress that might be trying to sneak up on you. It's what you do, how you do it and who you do it with, so pick out the places you'll all enjoy, get together a tight group and go all out to have the fun you deserve after a month of hard work and quiet evenings at home.