Girl's Bedroom Themes:  Horse Lover's Paradise


  Many young girls seem to have an innate desire to own a horse, or at least take riding lessons.  This seems true whether one lives in the city, county, or country.  One way to help keep your daughter's equestrian dream alive is through a bedroom decorated with a horse theme.  This theme does not need to be budget breaking, especially important if you are financing those treasured riding lessons, or your daughter's dream of owning her own horse.  Time to saddle up and take a look at some ways in which to create a horse lover's paradise in your daughter's bedroom.  Without the smell of hay, of course!

  If you want to start with the bed, and are able to purchase a new bed for your daughter, try getting one made from rustic wood or wrought iron, to give it that "barn" or "stable" look.  ALogCabin Store, and online shopping venue, offers plenty of bedding with all sorts of horse and horse related patterns and designs.  Sheets, pillowcases, blankets and comforters.  All can be found with Western horse themes, horseshoe patterns, ponies and  plenty more.  If your daughter owns a horse, and you have some extra money to purchase something special for her room, try VisionBedding online.  You can upload your photos to be printed on bedding, turning a photo of your daughter's horse into a print for a set of sheets for her bed!  Add some throw pillows with horse prints, or in horse shapes on the bed.  With a quick internet search, you can find instructions for making a horseshoe shaped pillow, if you are handy with a needle and thread.  For a real authentic look to the bed, places such as 5Star Equine Products online sell wool bed blankets that look like wool saddle blankets.  This could be ideal for a cold winter night.

  Decorating the bedroom walls with a horse lover's paradise theme is the next step.  If you want to try wallpaper, a wood grain style would give it a "stable" appearance. Or, once again, go online to a place such as Shindigz which sells backdrops and background materials for walls in a variety of textures, patterns, and various scenes.  Try your hand at painting a split rail fence across some of the walls.  A genuine split wood fence could be added along a wall or two if you are really ambitious and talented.  Borders can be painted across the top and bottom of the room with prancing horses, or horseshoes, or other horse related items.  Use stencils if you can't do it freehand.  Stencils can be used to paint murals on the walls, too.  If painting is not an option where you live, try peel and stick decals to create a horse scene.  Decals of life size horses can be found with a bit of research, or just create some small, mini scenes using sheets of regular sized stickers.  Other wall decorations could include any ribbons or trophies won by your daughter for horse riding, along with photographs of her and her horse.  Prints and posters of horses can be found many places that will complement the bedroom horse lover's paradise theme.  A string of horse shaped lights could be hung across the room; these can be found online at Amazon.  Hang horseshoes on the wall and even a used saddle if possible, along with other riding equipment. 

  If possible, you could replace the bedroom closet doors with barn type doors.  One the floor, braided rugs give a complimentary touch.  Saddle blankets can also make great scatter rugs.  Door pull knobs with equestrian themes can be found to use on dresser drawers or other bedroom furnishings.  Stepstools with a horse design or statuary tables can also be found with a bit of online research, adding to the bedroom's horse lover's paradise theme.  Other accessories could include horse shaped lamps with horse themed print lampshades, and clocks and calenders with a horse theme.  Miniatures of horses can be displayed on a shelf or dresser top. 

  This can be a bit of an expensive project to undertake; use can start with the less expensive decorations and add to them as your budget permits.  The result will be a horse lover's paradise for your daughter's bedroom, complete with all but a live horse!