A lot of girls enjoy dressing up and pretending to be someone else. Some girls will pretend to be their mom, or a princess, or any of a number of different characters. There is just something appealing to them about the whole idea of different clothes, shoes, and adjusting their hair to match their whims. This makes Halloween a perfect time to get the creative juices flowing and pick out that special outfit. Here are some suggestions for a girls Halloween costume.

Honey Bee

Honey bees are a popular choice among little girls. The vibrant yellow is a great contrast with the black and makes the wearer stand out in a crowd. The cute little wings along with the antennas add a touch of realism to the whole outfit. The little skirt also adds a cute touch.

Little Red Riding Hood

The children's story of little red hiding hood seems to grow graceful with age. The story has been retold to the amusement of many generations of children. The best thing about this costume is its simplicity. A Little Red Riding Hood costume does not require any unique or add accessory that is difficult to keep up with. In addition the styling of the clothes lends a bit of innocence to the little girl.


Regardless of the color scheme, there is probably no more popular type of girls Halloween costume than a princess outfit. The princess theme is so popular that it is used at birthday parties, on wrapping paper, as a gift and even as a idea for girls to just dress up on a Saturday afternoon. Princess costumes can be found in all kinds of sizes and various color schemes in order to make this outfit unique. Different accessories such as the tiara and scepter can add a touch of fun to the outfit too.


One of the most popular figures in history, Cleopatra has been the subject of books, movies and now girls Halloween costumes. There is something appealing to the whole aura of Cleopatra. The dark hair, the flowing robes, the headdress and jeweled accents on her clothing make her very popular with young girls. This type of costume is very easy to wear and move around. The long robes and the sandals make it very comfortable for girls whether they are out trick or treating door to door or going to a party with school friends.

Southern Belle

Any girl that likes fancy dresses and elaborate hats will truly love a Southern Belle dress. These costumes are modeled after the same type of dresses worn by women in the southern states in the late 1800's. The dresses are long and full to show off the various pleats and ruffles. The hats are usually wide brimmed and adorned with a colorful sash. A matching umbrella adds a nice touch for someone who wants a complete look.