Don't Let Life Take You Down

Sometimes girls just want to have fun. And I'm not just saying that because of the song (I actually am, but that's not the point). If the stress of daily life is getting to you and you need a break, it's always a good idea to have a few laughs with some close friends at home. No need traveling to foreign countries, or spending extravagant amounts of cash at department stores. Just simply hanging out at the house and taking along the proper items - games, movies, food - can bring a world of stress down to its knees and have you regaining your peace of mind. So if you need a few suggestions on what to do for your girls night in, continue reading.

girl's night in game


Games are always fun no matter how old you are - Charades, Pictionary, Bingo - they'll have the ladies laughing all night long (Bingo for the older crowd). If you want a game that's perfectly suited for a girls night in, here's one you should try. Games for Dames has a popular game called "What's a DAME to do?!" that is sure to give everyone a great time. Basically, it's a boardgame that has you guessing what the other might do in a difficult situation. These are common issues that many dames face, and it has received high reviews for being fun and enjoyable at a girls night in party.

Make it a Diva Party

As far as decorations are concerned, if you're doing a big thing at home, turning it into a diva event with zebra print party supplies is another fun thing to do. You can play late 80s early 90s dance music in the background to get everyone thinking about parachute pants. Make sure on the invitations that each person bring their best diva attitude. You could also prepare fun finger food treats for all your girlfriends without forgoing main courses. Because we all know divas like to eat.

Movie Marathon

Renting favorite movies for you and your girlfriends to watch is another great girls night in party idea. Maybe make a list of movies or allow for each guest to make their suggestions so that no one will have to watch something twice. Just pop up some pop corn and maybe provide nachos and cheese dip as movie snacks. Romantic dramas, romantic comedies, and other romantic chick flicks should have everyone falling in love with your party planning skills.

Home Sweet Home

Whatever you decide to do, just hanging out with a few, or many, of your closest friends is always a good way to ensure your girls night in will be a blast. And if it goes off well, maybe they'll put you in charge of a girls night out event. Everyone needs to have a good time with people they enjoy being with. So if you hadn't done one of these in a long time, now's the time to do it. You could also host a spa party and invite an Avon lady for a girls night in that will be fun and memorable at the same time.