For Girly Girls

When it comes to girl's room decorating ideas for a girly girl's room, here are a few that you should consider to transform an ordinary bedroom into a bedroom that girls will love.

Girly Accent Pillows

The easiest way to spice up any girl's room without spending a lot of money is to add some really girly accent pillows. They look great on a bed and add a lot of color and fun to the room. You really can't go too far with accent pillows in a girl's bedroom, so have fun with them. The more accents, patterns, and color you can find the better.

Paint Ideas for a Girl's Room

Paint is the most effective way to make a room really look like a girl's room and that is simply because the color or pattern you choose will take over the room. Here are a few fun ideas. Try to pick one color for every wall except the wall opposite the door and, on that wall, pick a color that works well with the base color. For example, three pink walls with a lime green focal wall looks great.

Another idea is to make the walls fun by painting shapes like various sizes of circles in a bold color on a softly painted wall. Imagine deep brown circles on a pink wall, for example. Don't just paint all four walls one color. Paint is a great opportunity to make a room girly and fun. Wall decals are also super fun.

Bulletin Boards

Girls love to hang items and pictures of friends on the wall, and a bulletin board is another great way to give a room some personality. You can easily find a pre-made bulletin boards with a bright or patterned background that will add something to the room, but you can do even better by yourself.

To make the ultimate bulletin board that will add pizzazz to the room, go out and buy a nice big foam or cork board - like 3' x 5'. It doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it has no wooden edge. Next, go to the fabric store and get enough fabric to cover it and wrap around to the back. Pick something fun! When you get home just duct tape or staple the fabric to the back where it won't be seen and hang the bulletin board to the wall by using some simple drywall screws. This bulletin board will not only last forever and never fall off the wall, it will be bright and fun.

Girly Lamps

Lamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but if you take the time you can find one that will make a girl's room a lot cuter and girly. The base is not that important, but white is always a good bet. Where you really make a statement is with the lamp shade.

Pick a lamp shade that is feminine and fun. Here you can not only add color, you can add texture to the room. Hangling tassles, floral prints, or just bold color will all add something on the night stand.

The Big Rug

Most carpeting in a home is neutral these days, but that doesn't mean your girl's room has to have such a boring floor. Even a modest-sized rug with a fun girly pattern will do a world of good to transform neutral into art.

The best rug for a kid's room is one that is big enough not to get kicked around all the time, so don't skimp. Get a nice floor rug of significant enough size and weight that it will stay put. A rug is a no-brainer if you have wood floors, but people often dismiss adding a rug when they already have carpet. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add color and interest to the floor. Add a girly area rug to the room.


This is where most people start when attempting to transform a girl's room so it is nothing new but certainly worth mentioning. Everything from the comforter to the sheets and pillow cases will make a statement in a kid's room, and tying the bedding colors to the walls appropriately will really make a room shine.


There is something about hooks on the walls that makes a girl's room work well. Think about adding hooks for belts, hooks for purses and bags, or even for dancing shoes and cute girly hats. The more colorful girl stuff that is hanging around on hooks, the more decorating value you get from these little accents that not only look cool but offer a fantastic way to get organized at the same time.

There you have it. Work on adding these girl's room decorating ideas and you will have a very girly girl's room in no time.