Hip tattoo design ideas

One of the most attractive body parts for girls is the hips, for that is not just a place which you can keep hidden from the public eye with a slightly long t-shirt or top, you can also expose it just as much as you want with a low waist jeans or skirt. So, when a girl wants to get a tattoo that she wants to be placed somewhere which can be shown and hidden according to her mood, the hip is a favorite place that professional tattoo artists suggest. The girls’ hip tattoos can be experimented with in terms of size and pattern and also colors.

A tattoo, whether on the hip or any other place on the body, does not look its best as soon as it is made. The process of creating the tattoo gets its full attention once the dead skin has come off within a week. The hip tattoos can be a little more painful to get than the other tattoos. The reason for this is girls’ hip tattoos get placed directly on the bone of the hip and the pressure of the needle is created on the spot. In spite of this factor, hip tattoos are perhaps the coolest ones a girl can get. The popularity of girls’ hip tattoos can be measured by the fact that while hip tattoos were primarily reserved for the female gender, men also started getting them and proved that hips are one of the best places to get a tattoo done.

hip tattoo design

If you are new to the tattoo thing and do not want to go through all the pain, you can try out the temporary methods to check out whether you like getting a tattoo or not. Tattoos are permanent, unless you get them removed through needles all over again. So, to see whether a temporary tattoo works for you for at least a few days before you commit yourself to a whole life with the tattoo, try mehndi or temporary sticker tattoos. Girl’s hip tattoos come in all shapes and designs in the form of temporary sticker tattoo designs. And if you are trying a mehndi, then of course you can get the mehndi tattoo anywhere you like. These temporary options are painless and easily removable as well.

When you think that you want to get a hip tattoo design, you need to think about what tattoo pattern you will be settling for. Keep in mind that whatever the design, it should have a meaning. The meaning can be exclusively understandable to you or to you and someone you want to know about it. Tattoos are not always a public statement of your actions and decisions. Tattoos can also become a very special way of telling somebody how much they mean to you. Especially when the tattoo is something as special and privately placed as the girls’ hip tattoos, the message means all the more special as well. So, you could begin your search with a special message, may be the initials of the names or a little love message that you would want to surprise your partner with when they get to see it. You can needle the message in cryptic languages, or Oriental scripts like the devnagari script or Japanese script.


hip tattoo design

Tattoos, especially girls’ hip tattoos, have held a special significance in Japan for more than some 5,000 years. Tattoo designs that have been discovered from the old days can tell a lot about that period’s culture and views. Also, the popularity of tattoo design ideas has proved it time and again that tattoos do not just testify for the rebellious attitude of roguish people. With the exclusive right to tattoos to the royal people in Egypt and the religious significance of these needle works as well as community importance, tattoos have been placed as one of the important sources of knowledge about a tribe or country as well. You can show your elements with a perfectly chosen girls’ hip tattoo and let the tattoo do the talking itself.

So, now for the designs which make a perfect girl’s hip tattoos’ design, the first design that is a favorite of the tattoo artists all over the world is flowers. Flowers of all kinds, all shapes and designs, and all colors suit an intimate place like the hips. You can choose a colorful floral pattern to adorn a side of the hips. You can also go for a black and white floral tattoo design which is at the back of hip. Flowers like roses, daisies, tulips are famous for this location. Orchids add a mountain mystery charm to the tattoo design. Orchids are best put in colors like violet, green, pink, blue and such original orchid colors.

The other design for girls’ hip tattoos would be butterflies. A delicate location as the hips and sentiments as pure as that of a girl can be successfully combined with beautiful butterflies. Butterflies, combined with flowers or cupids, can become unique tattoo design ideas if put in to ink properly. The curves of a woman’s body are beautifully complemented by intricate and delicate designs like these. Such designs are usually preferred by girls who are more on the feminine side. Girls’ hip tattoos for those who are more rowdy and strong prefer Celtic and tribal designs. These Celtic patterns are of the ancient type where signs do the talking through deeper meaning symbols. Also angel tattoos are good for the girls’ hip tattoos’ idea. Fallen angels, cupid with bow and arrow or with heart, halo signs are some of the popular tattoo ideas. If you are more on the naughty side, you could get a fallen angel or smiling naughty imp with a tail where the tail of the tattoo goes down the hip. This could mean that you are not a boring good girl, but a girl who knows to have fun.

Tattoos for girls are plenty in ideas and patterns, and especially girls’ hip tattoos have a popular and increasing demand. For this the designs need to be updated and kept new and exclusive.

Tattoos for Girls on Hip