Giving a Goat For Christmas Doe Not Mean You Have To Gift Wrap It!

All around the world, there are people starving. Today in 2011,  America, even though Americans are going through the worse economic times since the great depression, America is still better off than the third world countries where people die of hunger, thirst and malnutrition daily. This coming holiday donate to a worthwhile charity and give a goat for Christmas to help needy families eat and nourish themselves.

Humanitarian organizations such as Oxfam America and World Vision of Canada will take your donation and purchase a goat for a needy family in the poor parts of this earth.  One goat usually means food in the form of nutritious milk for the recipients. Two goats may mean a profitable goat business in some cases but in the long run it means the possibility of more goats and more food. Some humanitarians have gift cards, while others have a donation button on their websites, it all depends on which humanitarian organization you want to give to. 


Why Give A Goat For Christmas?

Goats are much easier to take care of than cows or other animals.  A small goat farm is easier to tend to than it would if it were cows.  Then there is the whole matter of feeding and maintenance.  For a poor family, having large cows to feed and maintain may not be feasible, but a goat is small and easier to take care of.

The goat milk can be used to make other products such as cheese, cream, butter, and soap.  Of course, the meat of the goat can be enjoyed on occasion for those who own more than one goat or for older goats who are no longer useful. In essence, giving a goat for Christmas enables these poor individuals to feed themselves and perhaps find other ways to generate income for their poor families.

The bottom line is that your give of a goat will go to help someone else, who may not be able to eat and nourish themselves if it were not for your generous donation.  In America, our milk is available to us in supermarkets across the nation. In other parts of the world, their only source of milk is from the livestock they own. Those who cannot afford livestock, do not eat.

There are some critics to the give a goat for christmas charities like Oxfam and Christian Aid, World Vision and others who say that their give a goat as a gift or give an animal as a gift program is spreading disease and contaminating vital water supply. 

According to John Burton of the World Land Trust and Animal Aid, these organizations seems to be doing this to make money during Christmas, and calls it a "gimmick." The World Land Trust and Animal Aid says it is ridiculous to send farm animals to areas where they will cause or add to the problem of desertification and drought.

Oxfam America and Christian Aid disagrees, by saying they work close to the communities on the ground and they know the needs of the community better than anyone else.

It is never a bad thing to give someone the gift of being able to feed themselves. Most of the humanitarian organizations are right there in the villages or communities where these poor families live and can see the benefit of giving a goat for christmas.  The goat produce manure to help grow vegetation. The third world countries do not have elaborate plumbing and reservoir systems, that is the only reason with developed countries waters are not polluted by animal waste.  So there is a difference in between developing countries and already developed countries that the World Land Trust and Animal Aid is not taking into consideration.  People need to eat.



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