The Give A Hoot Cricut cartridge is a very cute and versatile item. If you like nature then this is the perfect cartridge for you! Each button on this cartridge has 7 settings:

1.) The first setting is the main image for that cartridge key. These are generally a cute little animal or a tree. Some examples of this are an owl, raccoon, pine tree, fox, peacock, hedgehog, frog, apple and also a neat section with animal images that have scrollwork cut out in them so you could do some really neat 2-toned images!

2.) The second setting is for layers. These are things like the owls beak or the fox's nose and eyes which would be used to make each figure 3 dimensional and lifelike. This way you could make a peacock that has a gray body with purple feathers and yellow legs!

3.) The third setting is for accents. These are things like flowers, tree trunks, and leaves. They can also be made 3 dimensional as each one also has a second layer when the shift key is pressed on your Cricut machine.

4.) The fourth setting is for a phrase. These tend to be nature friendly and along the lines of, "Friend of Nature," "Bear Hugs For Trees," and "Make a Difference." Some of these would be great sayings that you could put on the back of your cards to remind people to recycle or not to pollute or if you were making flyers for an earth-friendly event.

5.) The fifth setting is a border setting. These are things like a grass and tulip border that you could put at the bottom of a spring-themed card, leaves for a fall theme, or a bubble border that could be cute in many instances. One of my favorite borders is a flying butterfly with a pretty, thin, trail curling behind it. This setting is so useful on so many projects and really adds a special touch to any card, invitation, or scrap booking page.

6.) The sixth setting is for charms. These are cute little "ornaments" that you would attach to your project with a cute brad or some ribbon. There is an acorn charm, many flower charms, a bird charm, and many others! I think these look really great on a scrap booking page, but the brads and ribbon may add too much bulk to a card or invitation.

7.) The final setting is a shadow setting. All this one does is creates a slightly larger, solid cutout of either the main image or the accent image so that when you lay it on top of the shadow, you will have a differently colored border around the edges. This makes for a really beautiful "pop-out" effect for your projects and is one of my favorites!

The little animals on the Give A Hoot Cricut cartridge are really cute and I've used this one already on a couple of my projects. It is a great nature-themed cartridge that will have so many uses for many different projects. I definitely recommend this one to any Cricut lover!

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