Ugly is The New Cute

If it wasn't for the name "Ugly Dolls," you'd probably refer to the bright multi-colored plush creatures as cute! You can tell just by looking at them that they are not anything like your mama's stuffed animals! These unusual dolls resemble cute space creatures or lovable "monsters." Some have antenna looking things coming out of their heads, while others have multiple eyes or only one big eye, and they're all bright and colorful. Oh, and one more thing, they are extremely huggable!

Although these creatures are all known as Ugly Dolls, they each have a separate and distinct personality. Every one of them has a name and is known for a particular trait. For instance, "Thumb Crumba" is "citizen #8" in the world of Ugly Dolls and is bright orange with big button beige eyes. His motto is that he is the best at whatever he does and he can do anything. Then there is "Langis," "citizen #9" in the UD world, he is a watermelon colored creature with three round eyes; one red, one yellow, and the other baby blue. Langis is a "wacky guy" who loves whales and also loves to hold hands. You get the picture, and you can find many, many more of these lovable guys and gals online or in retail stores near you.

Ugly DollsCredit: Introspective Pics.

Award Winning

The makers of Ugly Dolls have won numerous awards, including The New York Toy of the year; The Parent's Choice Award; TD Monthly Top Toy; Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Best Toy Award, Gold Seal; iParenting Media Hot Award (for the Ugly Doll Card Game); and The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

Gund Uglydoll Classic Pirate Ox, 15.7" Plush
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(price as of Oct 19, 2013)

Ugly World

These cuddly toys have a world all their own and you can visit it anytime! When you visit Ugly Town you can enjoy a ton of entertaining activities, such as designing your own T-Shirt or downloading icons and desktops. You can also meet all the "Uglys" and find out how the entire phenomena started.  You can even get involved and become part of the Ugly Doll Community by participating in the forums and playing the games.  Find out more by reading the blogs or use the Store Locator to find the cuddly creatures in your area.

Facebook and Twitter

If you can't get enough of these cuties, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages. Interact with other fans and show off photos of your favorite "buddy."

These Ugly Dolls are currently available at a toy store near you, but you can find lots more online. (*Note; not all dolls may be available in all stores).

Abima, Babo, Babo's Bird, Batty Shogun, Big Toe, Bop N' Beep, Chuckanucka, Cinko, Cozy Monster, Deer Ugly, Fea Bea, Flatwoodsey, Gato Deluxe, Ice Bat, Jeero, Ket, Mi j, Moxy, Mr. Kasoogi, Mrs. Kasoogi, Mynus; Nandu Bear, OX, Peaco, Picksey, Plunko, Poe, Pointy Max, Puglee, Target, Tray, Trunko, Turny Burny Blue & Pink/Turny Burny Black & White, Ugly Dog, Ugly Ghost, Ugly Worm, Uglybot, Uppy, Wage, Wedgehead, Winkolina, and Wippy.

Gund Uglydoll Classic Uglycorn, 15.7" Plush
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(price as of Oct 19, 2013)

More than Toys

If you know someone who is not into toys but would enjoy an "Ugly," you can give them a pillow. These soft, cuddly, and cute cushions are perfect for anyone. Give them to children or adults and see their faces light-up with delight. These pillows are so adorable, you'll want to get one for yourself . . . and why not?

Uglypillow - Trunko
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