If you give your loved one a Cloud9Living Christmas gift this year they will really love you for it! Have you ever even heard of cloud9living.com? Well if you haven't you have missed out on one of the most unique and exciting Christmas gift ideas around. They offer everything, and I mean everything that could interest even the pickiest of people on your Christmas list. Furthermore, they offer packages that can fit almost any budget. Everything that they offer is completely refundable. Do I work for them, or am I affiliated with them? No. I am just someone who likes to be different, and I like a gift to make an impression. They do just that. The company provides a large and diverse amount of experiences, over 1,700 to be exact, and here is an illustration of just exactly what they offer.

Do you want to send someone soaring through the sky. If you give a Cloud9Living Christmas gift year using the air category, then there will be no disappointment here. They offer 297 gift experiences in that category alone. Has your family member ever wanted to be a fighter pilot? For $90.00 they can in climb into a authentic military flight simulator and experience 60 minutes of intense dog fighting. Not good enough? For a little less that $1,400.00, they can have the thrill of a lifetime flying and fighting in a fully-aerobatic Marchetti SF260 Italian built fighter aircraft. Their instructors are none other than real Vietnam and Desert Storm fighter pilots, and your loved one will be flying the plane 90% of the experience. They will experience 6 g-pulling dogfights against an actually opponent during their experience. If that is to much for them, then they can take a scenic ride over their favorite city, or body of water. Learn how to hang glide, or pick a hot air balloon ride. You won't believe how many choices they have to offer. It just boggles the mind.

Do you think that they had rather stay on the ground. For less than $80.00 bucks you can race your family and friends for 24 laps, and it is all displayed on screen while they fly around the tracks. After the checkered flag wave, they can go hit the Trackside Bar and Grill for laughs and drinks. Maybe they had rather suit up and get behind the wheel of a real Formula 2000 race car. At $580.00, they can experience speeds of up to 2 g's with just themselves behind the wheel of one of the famous cars. Better yet, they can drive an Indy car, Stockcar, or dragster for the day, or just ride along. Maybe they will want to command a Land Rover or hit the open road on a Harley Davidson. The choice is yours.

Is your family member the adventure type? From rock climbing to bull riding, there is nothing they can't do with one of these packages. Does a Box Canyon Bike Ride, private kayaking lesson, or a horseback and barbecue sound like fun to you? Experiencing fly fishing or skipper a sailing charter can be the thrill of a lifetime for someone. Adventure is just around the corner, so go check it out. Starting at $55.00 you can't go wrong.

Spoil someone for the day. What a better way to get rejuvenated than a day at the spa. Get a Swedish, Thai Floor, Volcanic Stone or a deep tissue massage. Learn to do yoga, Pilates, or participate with a group to get your burn on. Maybe an Epicuren facial, a Chocolate Mousse Pedicure, or a Wine and Roses Body Scrub sounds to irresistible to refuse. Couples massages can re arranged as well. If you want to pamper someone for the day, you can do it for less than $100.00.

Dining experiences can offer much more than just he extraordinary taste that different cuisines have to provide. Presentation of a meal can make the experience magical. Cloud9Living can thrill your loved one with a private dinner surrounded by some interesting mates. Wizardry, duels, dares, and fine dining are just some of the excitement they can experience at the Pirate Adventure Dinner Show for $110.00. If they had rather stay at home, then you can order the Personal Chef for the Evening Package, and they will cater to their guest to the tune of a 5 coarse dinner in their home, then clean the dishes afterwards.

They have 59 golf packages, 325 life and culture packages, 355 water and snow packages, and a VIP and sports package that is out of this world. If you want to give the gift of a lifetime, then give your loved one a Cloud9Living Christmas gift this year.