A lot of people stress out when they shop for women, but really if you think about just giving jewelry then gift giving couldn't be any easier. Pearls are a great option and one that many women would love to receive, but these days there are many more options than the classic strand of pearls. Think outside the box and get your loved one a floating pearl necklace or my favorite, the single pearl necklace.

You might be wondering who would want a pearl pendant. Unfortunately, though pearl strands are a timeless classic, they may also seem a little dated. Some people also think that pearl necklaces, especially pearl ropes or anything with really large pearls, are inappropriate for young women or teens to wear. The single pearl necklace is perfect for these women. Not only is it modern, but this style also has a classic appeal. And, because it is nothing more than a single pearl on a chain, this necklace is incredibly simple, affordable and easy to customize. Anyone who is looking to stand out, has delicate bone structure, or may be too young for other styles, will simply adore these necklaces.

There are many different times throughout the year when you might like to give pearls as a gift. Christmas is the most obvious, but there are others as well. Pearls are the June birthstone, so if your loved one has a birthday in June, consider getting her this necklace. Other occasions include Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or bridal showers. Finally, did you know that pearls are traditionally given on the 12th wedding anniversary? They are also the traditional gift for the 30th anniversary, and make a great alternative if you don't want to give diamonds.

When it comes to single pearl necklaces, there are many different options. Because you only need to buy one pearl, these necklaces are very affordable. Many merchants also allow customers to buy the pearl, chain, and pendant setting separately, so you can feel free to shop around and choose the perfect pearl for you. The first type of pearl, Akoya, is the most formal but also one of the most expensive. Akoya pearls are perfectly round, white, and have a brilliant metallic luster. Freshwater pearls are much more inexpensive because they can be easily mass-produced, but they can be nearly indistinguishable from Akoya pearls in quality. They also come in many different colors, so you can find whatever suits your fancy. If you'd prefer warmer colors, South Sea pearls are the way to go - they are known for their rare gold color, but are accordingly expensive. Lastly, Tahitian pearls are known for their rainbow of overtones, and are the only type of pearl to come in black naturally.

Buying a single pearl pendant necklace for someone you care about is easy. There are many women who would love to have one, many occasions around the year to give the perfect gift, and so many types of pearls to choose from. No matter what you decide, it's hard to mess up!