Give a Spa Gift Certificate

Give a Spa Gift Certificate

Do you have someone on your gift giving list that deserves the ultimate pampering treatment for all they do for you, your family and your home? Spa gift certificates would be loved by your mother, sister, aunt, friend or college student.

A Spa Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for the hard working spouse/partner that needs a break from the day to day chores and reality of life. That would include most people!

Many of the spas today offer a luxurious getaway not too far from home with a bounty of treatments to choose from. The settings of a spa are relaxing and open, scented with candles and oils, clean and inviting. Many spas offer clients a glass of wine or herbal teas to enhance relaxation and can be a fun get together for friends.

Spas usually also offer a gift shop and sell a range of candles, body products, manicure and pedicure supplies or gift ideas and some have party rooms for guests to have pampering parties with friends.

Here are some of the various services offered from the best spas in your area:

Relaxation Massage

This massage is a soothing, gentle massage that lasts 30-60 minutes and range in cost from $25-$90.

Deep Tissue Massage

Choose the deep tissue massage for someone that needs a higher level of relaxation or focus on particularly sore areas of the body. Stretching and penetrating techniques are used to provide relief of pain, headaches or tension. They can last 30-60 minutes and range in prices from $40-$100.

Stone Massage

The stone massage is increasingly popular and uses lava stones warmed and applied to specific areas of the body accompanied by massage for relief of tension, pain, anxiety or stress. This massage also can last for 30-60 minutes and range in prices from $50-$120.

Aromatherapy Massage

Spa Aromatherapy

Many spas now offer an aromatherapy massage which includes gentle massage incorporating many of the soothing and relaxing essential oils for their multitude of benefits to the mind and body. Aromatherapy massages can last 30-60 minutes and cost anywhere from $40-$100.

Couples Massage

If you want a gift for you and your partner, consider the couples massage that many spas offer. You'll both have a massage at the same time in the same room by two separate massage therapists. Many spas offer each guest the particular type of massage they like and want and can last 30-60 minutes and range from $60-$120 per couple.

Hydro Massage

This massage usually involves lying on a bed while an overhead shower adds pulsating water at the same time that the massage therapist gently massages the head, neck, shoulders and upper back and is very invigorating. A hydro massage can range in price from $30-$60.

Give a Spa Gift Certificate for a Special Treatment

Spas offer a wide range of treatments that allow a particular area of the body or the whole body to be massaged with herbs, wrapped in herbs and spices designed to detoxify, hydrate or nourish the skin.

Luxurious Spa Supplies

Body Scrub

A whole body scrub designed to remove all dry, dead skin cells often accompanied by an overhead shower rinse and body lotion. The body scrub treatments usually last 30 minutes and range in cost from $30-$60.

Herbal Wraps

Herbal wraps are treatments that include wrapping the whole body with an herbal enhanced cloth to stimulate and invigorate the body and senses. These wrap treatments usually last 20-40 minutes and range in costs of $40-$80.

Mud Wrap

Similar to the herbal wrap, the mud wrap is a treatment using mud clays applied to the whole body by the therapist. The mud removes toxins and cleans the skin and is rinsed by the overhead shower. Mud wraps can last 20-40 minutes and cost anywhere from $50-$100.

If body treatments are not what your partner would appreciate, a spa gift certificate is still a good idea for many other personalized services offered at a luxury spa such as facials, hair treatments or nail care.


Many spas offer a host of facials from the basic skin care cleaning to more deep and penetrating facials for dry skin, acne skin or aging skin using manual or mechanical techniques.

Caution should be used to check the products that spas are using to be sure they are chemical free and contain natural and pure ingredients good for the skin.

Many times, a simple facial at a spa can result in redness, irritation or allergic reactions.

Hair Treatments for the Spa Gift Certificate

Give a spa gift certificate for your special someone to relax while the professionals makeover a new hairdo.


Hair colors are best provided by a trained professional and this is a great service to receive at a luxury spa if your loved one enjoys new hair colors or covering the gray!

Hair Cut

Most people want a professional to cut, trim, style or maintain their hair and having it done at a luxurious spa can be quite a treat. Time and prices always vary.

Give a Spa Gift Certificate for Nail Care

Two of the most popular services offered at a spa are the manicure and pedicure.


Spa Manicure

A professionally done manicure helps to get the nails and cuticles cleaned and in proper shape. Manicures include nail soaking, buffing, cuticle oil treatment, hand massage and a nail polish color chosen by the client. Manicures can be basic or more involved with nail art and range in prices from $15-$50.

Paraffin Manicure

Paraffin can be included in your manicure at most spas and involves placing the hands in melted paraffin wax to detoxify and smooth the skin, especially good for dry, reddened or peeling hand skin. Paraffin manicures can usually be added to any of the manicure choices for an additional fee of $10-$20.


Spa Pedicure

A pedicure spa gift certificate would be enjoyed for the person that spends many hours on their feet and work hard. That includes almost all of us and you would love one too! A pedicure is a foot treatment that can be basic or more involved using herbs and aromatherapy oils to soak sore and tired feet. The feet are scrubbed from dry dead skin cells, heels and calluses are buffed and polished with pumice stones. Spa pedicures usually also include a mud wrap or herbal wrap to remove toxins from the feet and finishes with a toenail cleaning, buffing and polish.

There are a host of services offered at a spa and many people would appreciate receiving a spa gift certificate for any of these relaxing and luxurious treatments. Get two and go along to experience the luxury of a spa treatment for yourself!