The next time you are struggling with a gift idea for someone special consider gifts that were popular in a bygone era.  These ideas for old fashioned gifts will get you started.

Give a Bed Jacket as a Get Well Gift

If you have a friend who is hospitalized or is suffering from a long-term illness, order her a bed jacket for her recuperation. At one time bed jackets were quite common.  These are especially wonderful for a woman who will be receiving visitors while she is still in her hospital bed or confined to the couch.  It can't help but perk up someone when they put it on because it makes her feel presentable and a little glamorous.

Bed jackets were traditionally in quilted sateen or chenille, but now it is common to find them in microfiber, fleece, or down filled.  And to be honest, they aren't just worn in bed.  A bed jacket is also  the perfect cover-up for watching TV or working on the computer on a cold winter's evening. 

Order bed jackets  on-line or find them in lingerie departments of major department stores.

Prevent Stuck Fingers by Giving a Pin Cushion

There was a time when every household had at least one pin cushion to keep all of those pesky straight pins at easy reach.  A pin cushion is a great gift for men and women.  They are versatile as they can hold the stray earring, hat pins, corsage pins, sewing needles, and an assortment of other pointed things. And it prevents the scattering of straight pins when you try to open that little plastic box they often come in.


Felted Pin CushionCredit: Laura Moore

 Pin cushions come in a variety of shapes and materials.  They are easy to find at sewing stores or on on-line sites such as Etsy.

Bubble Bath

I gave my mother and grandmother bubble bath on every gift giving occasion for years.  They loved it.  First it was a personable gift with just the right scent picked out for each of them.  And in addition, it was a consumable gift and the older they got the less things they seemed to want to store.They preferred bubble bath in the individual little envelopes, but for girlfriends I have often found a pretty container for the granules.

Handkerchiefs are Handy

Although using handkerchiefs for blowing of the nose is no longer considered hygienic, handkerchiefs are still a good gift for men and woman alike. Think of how debonair a man appears when he pulls a monogrammed hankie out of his pocket to dry a tear.  And a hankie in the purse can be folded around a number of little items that you don't want to lose, such as a broken earring, lost tooth, or good luck charm.  They are also useful to keep little ones entertained, and quiet,  by making a little ghost or doll.  Handkerchiefs can be plain or very decorative. Let's not overlook the benefits of a handkerchief.

Baked Goods Fresh from the Oven

Homemade edible gifts are a real treat for those that receive them and are appropriate for any occasion.  Make your special brand of cookie, cupcake, bread, muffins, or candy, sprinkle on a cheery edible decoration, and place them in a decorative basket, tin, or even a cut-off paper bag. Tie a ribbon around the package and you're set.

Chocolate Cake(72975)Credit: Laura Moore

Remember!  Next time you are struggling with the perfect gift choice, think old fashioned.