Give your television set some legs to stand on. You need to keep it standing straight and flat, for better viewing comfort. There are many ways to do this and how you want to do this is a choice you have to make. Let us help you with some information to help you choose wisely.

A TV without a stand or platform is like a roof without its supporting pillars. There are so many designs and sizes available in the market that one gets confused. You can opt for a stand alone TV stand or a total unit. Again these could be an open stand or a closed one. In an open stand the TV is kept on the flat surface of the stand whereas in the closed one, the TV gets enclosed with glass or wooden shutters. If you have small children in the family getting a closed TV stand would be prudent. Other types of stands are the ones that have wheels or have a swivel base. Wall mounted TV stands are those that are supported on the wall with brackets.

Depending on the room shape and size, you can get a TV unit for an ideal viewing position. The TV stands have undergone a change with the advancement of the type of TVs that are now available. You can now get some very chic and modern teak TV stands that complement the type of TV that you buy. The TV stands can also be considered a part of your room décor and therefore must be carefully selected to blend with the rest of the furniture. You, obviously, cannot have a simple trolley stand for your plasma or LED TV. Your TV stand should befit the standard of your TV.

A teak TV stand has a charm of its own. For one, it is very durable and looks stunning when finely polished. It could be pretty expensive to start with but would make good economic sense in the long run. A teak TV stand can outlive you and maybe your next generation, if properly cared for. Teak is hard wood and its natural resinous oils prevent it from getting attacked by termites and also from getting warped. It will not shrink but gets better with age. When varnished or properly polished, it shows off its beautiful grains and the truth is people may admire the stand more than the TV.

If you have a wall mounted, big size flat TV, you could go in for a total teak furniture unit with multiple storage areas. This will provide space for the TV accessories and additional speakers but make sure that you plan the wire management properly so that the wires do not jut out in an ugly fashion. Next, you would want to have some comfortable seating to watch the TV. Always keep the TV screen at eye level otherwise you may end up with a crick in your neck. Also follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for the right viewing distance. These are approximations and you could use this as a guideline and adjust the distance accordingly.