dog eat dog (27205)

Here we are, living in a world full of people. Sometimes we get stressed by what has happened, and sometimes we get overwhelmed by the world that is passing us by. There are times when we cannot understand the people who are supposed to love us, and those who are supposed to support us. Our friends, family, and employment associates are all different personalities. The topic of this article discusses givers and takers in society.

T-Rex (27208)

Sometimes you feel like even your best friend is out to get you. You can run and hide but they know all your haunts and will hunt you down to get the gratification of having located you. Some will take advantage of you and what are you going to do about it? Can you escape what they are doing? Can you truly run from those things you wish to run from? What if the thing you want to run away from is you?

Troll (27206)

Takers are everywhere. They are in your home, on the street corners, and at work. These people are the ones who will borrow a dollar for the coke machine and never give it back. They are the ones who have you cook, clean, pay all the bills, and still make you feel like you need to do more. They are the credit takers and the mood breakers. Takers don't give, and they feel alright about continuing to take. They don't seem to have conscience but they do. You just haven't found it yet.

Mother Teresa (27204)

None of us can be Mother Teresa, but we can certainly be good people. Some of us have good hearts and generous pockets. Givers are those people who will give their last ten dollars to the man on the corner with the sign that says "Why lie? I want beer!". The giver is the one who will count to twenty if that is what it takes to keep the peace. Givers are pleasant to be around because they do not complain much. They just continue to deal with things by giving more and more. They will never ask for the money they loaned you. Even if it is thousands of dollars.

Givers and Takers

Which one are you? Are you a giver or are you a taker? Are you willing to help make the world a better place, or are you the one who takes away and takes the credit? I would like to think there are more givers than takers in the world, but it seems that takers are taking over. Let's all do our part to do what is right, but remember that it is up to ALL of us, givers and takers, to make things work like a well oiled machine.