We are all complaining about the way the world is, however I don't see many people doing anything to change it. Why not try to do something to help- even if it is just for one family?

Every day, children are going hungry and worse yet they don’t have a safe place to sleep at night. A lot of people are struggling in this bad economy, but just for one moment, try to put your self in the shoes of a child like this.

Last year, even in this economy, people were still lined up to participate in the Black Friday sales. So many families are just trying to just get by; however, when Christmas comes around everyone is maxing out their credit card limits to spoil their children. During this time, there are children out there who don’t know if they will even get a meal for Christmas. They don’t know where they will be sleeping during these cold nights. They can only dream of what a Christmas would be like where they received toys to play with. This is only one example of the many needs in this world. Every day; animals are being abused and neglected, our war vets are homeless and the physically and mentally ill do not have adequate resources to supply even their basic needs.

Organizations are not just sitting there with their hands out begging for your money out of their own greed. In a lot of cases, your time and skill could be greatly appreciated. Hospice centers are looking for someone to come in and spend some time with their patients. Animal rescues just need a temporary home for displaced animals till they can adopt them out. A lot of organizations need someone who can write grant proposals for them. Local animal care and control are usually looking for people who can come in and spend a couple of hours a month to take pictures of their adoptable animals. A homeless shelter may need someone to answer phone calls once in a while. Not all volunteers need to be in the office to help out. Some organizations will let you work from the comfort of your own home. Online mentors, like those at www.icouldbe.org are asking for people to donate 1 hour per week to help your mentees make better decisions in their lives. Another online mentoring opportunity can be found at www.youthmentoring.org. Some organizations may need a resource book updated or spreadsheets completed.

There are many benefits to volunteering; self-fulfillment, experience in a field you may want to start a career in, however, the most important reason to volunteer is because someone needs your help! Life is full of uncertainties and you never know when you might be in a position where you will be the one needing help. Please take a moment of your time to reach out to someone else. Start today by going to www.volunteermatch.org and enjoy touching someone's life.