If you can afford the gesture, few gifts say “I love you” quite like a piece of diamond jewellery. So why not go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day and look for a polar bear diamond piece, Canada’s answer to the ethical diamond trade and celebrity fashion rolled into a single gift.

If the prospect of handing your loved one a piece of diamond jewellery with a polar bear laser inscribed onto the stone and issued with a “birth certificate” isn’t enough to melt your heart here are some other good reasons to go for a polar bear branded diamond.

Where and When Were Polar Bear Diamonds Produced?

Polar bear diamonds were produced in the Northwest Territories of Canada from the late 1990’s onwards. Unfortunately the two companies with the rights to produce polar bear branded diamonds ceased operations at the end of 2010. However, ongoing disputes over the ownership of the brand means that no other company thus far has been allowed to use the trademark which remains with the receivers. In short, existing stocks of polar bear diamonds are dwindling and supplies are not likely to resume any time soon, now is the time to buy, that is if you can find a stone to buy. While there are other sources of Canadian diamonds including, Igloo diamonds and Canadian ice diamonds to name a few. It is only the polar bear diamond which comes etched with its signature polar bear engraving which makes the product a unique item of jewellery to own.

Are Polar Bear Diamonds Ethical?

Assuming that you do manage to find a source of polar bear diamonds, there is another great reason why such stones make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. As a Canadian diamond sourced in the Northwest Territories, you can be completely reassured that your diamond jewellery is 100% ethical, produced under the supervision of the Canadian government and regulatory authorities.

Which Celebrities Own Polar Bear Diamonds?

If the potential future value of the stone and the high ethical credentials of specimens is not enough, then how about the celebrity factor? Polar bear diamonds have a long list of celebrity owners from Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster and Sarah Jessica Parker to the recently married royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton adding to the list of celebrity owners.

So if looking to say I love you this Valentine’s day with a piece of jewellery, why not go for something a little a different and seek out a polar bear diamond for your loved one?