Strange how the vastness of Yosemite Valley mountains dwarfing the city and rocks reigning supreme over humans can make a wedding feel so intimate. This is the kind of wedding Glacier Point is ideal for, a small gathering of only your closest friends and family members. No more than fifty people can attend the ceremony.

The Ceremony

The most sought after location for a wedding is the Glacier Point Amphitheater as it offers the Half Dome and full waterfalls in the background. Getting married in the early morning will give you the almost never seen bright combination of sky colours as it shines against the Half Dome and the High Sierra. A wedding vow exchange at sunset adds even more drama as the colours seems brighter against the dark sky.

What makes the ceremony even more special is the soothing guarantee that nature offers you. Saying ‘I do’ before the grandness of Yosemite feels like nature is giving you its blessings to start a new life together.

The Reception

There are many options where you can situate the singing, dancing, eating in boozing after your solemn Glacier Point ceremony. The most popular of which is The Ahwahnee. This hotel is one of the few ones that were able to create a modern dwelling in the midst of nature without destroying the natural beauty of the earth. Ahwahnee is often regarded as the best dining experience in Yosemite. You will enjoy the full view of Yosemite Falls. You will also have a view of other famed places like the Half Dome and the crystal-like beauty of Glacier Point that stands taller than most medium-rise buildings in America. It is outlined by the spikey silhouette of the pine trestles. It is known to be the destination of queens and presidents and the world’s biggest celebrity.

The Amenities

Before the wedding, you can spend a day or two with family and friends to enjoy more of Yosemite. Try the pack and saddle adventure as you go around the park to enjoy the view aboard a horse. You can go for more exercise (and burn the calories in advance) by hiking or rock climbing. You can also bike for a more leisurely phase and do the twilight hike or evening hike for a more romantic adventure as you go around the park under the light of the moon. More time for holding hands and snuggling.

There is also the water adventure like surfing, sailing, and kayaking.

The Service

Even their service is relaxed but stylish. You will enjoy the company of people who are not just ready to serve you but can also be good conversationalists. They are rich in knowledge about the geography and history of the beauty that surrounds you.


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