Are Glamour Portraits Deceptive?

If you have considered getting your picture taken at a portrait studio, you may have considered the possibility of getting Glamour shots done. Glamour shots are a way of accentuating your best features by making you look, well, glamorous! There are some portrait studios that specialize in glamour shots. They have their own makeup artist, fancy wardrobe accessories and special lighting to help you look your very best when you get your picture taken. See? Why should the celebrities have all the fun? Now, you can get your portrait done and glam it up! The question is, are Glamour portraits hot, or not?

I think a lot of it depends on how much glamour is used in your portraits. For example, if you get a glamour portrait done with you wearing a feather boa and huge diamond earrings, I think it's overkill. However, if you are considering a glamour shot to highlight some of your better features and to be able to have a nice picture of yourself with flattering lighting, then go for it. It will be up to you to tell your portrait studio what you want in your glamour shot, and what you are looking to avoid. A lot of it will depend on the filter and lighting that is used when taking your picture. In the past, glamour shots have a reputation of looking very unnatural, which may or may not be what you were looking for.

I knew of some girls in high school who actually went out and got glamour shots done for their high school yearbook. Unfortunately, it ended up being a huge joke in our school, because the pictures of the girls looked nothing like the girls. Every time someone would look at the yearbook, they would point to the pictures of the girls and say, “That may be her, but she looks NOTHING like that. Absolutely nothing like that.” Now think about it for a minute, do you really want to get a portrait of yourself that doesn't even resemble you? Sure, you may look beautiful and the shot may be flattering, but if it doesn't even resemble you, what's the point?

Many public figures, realtors and sales associates will get glamour shots done as their publicity photo to use in advertising and press releases. You will notice that you can still recognize the person, even without all the makeup and special effects. This is something that you should certainly shoot for if you are considering getting these types of pictures taken. If you wanted a crazy picture that doesn't even resemble you, you can accomplish this easily by going to your local fair or carnival, and you would probably save quite a bit of money. Fairs and carnivals always have photo booths where you can dress up and get your picture taken. You can dress up as a pirate, or even as an old barmaid and you may not even recognize yourself when you're done. But that's okay, that was the fun in getting the picture taken in the first place. But if you are looking for a real picture of yourself that you may use in your professional or personal life, be sure that the studio that you go to does not overkill the process of accentuating your best features. Communicate with them. Tell them exactly what you're looking for.

Personally, I would never get a glamour shot done as a high school photo for the yearbook. I would want to be remembered as myself, not some fake or souped-up image. Many people may not realize that they actually look better without all the aesthetic enhancements provided by a portrait studio. It is helpful if you get other people's opinions before you make your decision. Ask your parents, ask your best friend, ask your family. They will tell you what they think of your glamour shot, and whether your glamour shot is hot, or it's not.

Glamour Shots

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