There are a lot of different types of materials out there that chess boards are made out of. They are got their strengths and weaknesses, but knowing what makes them all different is how you pick the right kind of board for your personal use. Glass chess boards are a great addition to most homes, but they do have a lot of differences compared to other materials used to make chess sets. Here is a brief overview of what some of those major differences are.

One of the major differences is that glass chess sets are not normally made to be transportable. Wooden sets often come in travel cases, are easy to take from place to place, and can absorb game play wear and tear better. This makes them a more ideal fit for people that take their sets to lots of different locations for game play. Glass sets are made more for people who want a fantastic set in their home that they can really show off to fellow players.

Glass sets are very decorative, only elite made wooden sets really can compare. This leads a lot of people to believe that these types of sets are only decorative in nature. While many of them are, they are well built and still can be played on. With a little care you should have no problem making sure your glass chess board lasts a long time.

Wooden and metal chess sets are going to be more durable, but as long as you keep your board well maintained and out of harm's way, glass chess sets will last a long time. Owners do have to be careful to not chip or crack any of the glass pieces or the board itself, because if you do you can greatly diminish not only the value and look of the board, but the strength of it as well. Chipped glass is much easier to damage again.
These are a few of the major differences between these sets when you are preparing to purchase one. If you keep these in mind you should have no problem picking the right glass chess board, or non glass chess board, for your home.