Just about everyone has a glass Christmas ornament in their collection - why is that? Well glass ornaments especially glass balls were one on the earliest mass produced Christmas decorations, which means that have a very strong association with Christmas and decoration. The Christmas bauble is one of the most popular Christmas ornaments of all time - they are so common- you probably even have the odd vintage one in a box somewhere in your family. But there are other reasons why glass is so popular such as its own properties and the variety of styles available in glass.

A History Lesson In Glass Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Glass Teddy Couresy Vee8Glass makers started experimenting with glass ornaments in the early 1800s, by the late 1830s they had discovered a method of coating the interior of a blown glass Christmas ornament to make it appear solid. They used silver oxide inside the blown shape. Once they had this the outside could be painted to any color required. For the shapes like this teddy, a clay mold would be made with all the detail in it, then the heated glass tube would be place through the middle of the mold and blown. The glass would expand to fill the mold, making the glass shape of a teddy. Once silvered the ornament would be hand painted with all the details necessary. There are many different forms of hand painted German Christmas ornaments and many today are still made using the traditional methods.

Glass is Stunning

The properties glass has make it stunning to use on the Christmas tree. Clear glass Christmas ornaments allow the lights from the tree to glisten and glow, and look especially good with white string or fairy lights. Crystal Christmas ornaments reflect the light of the facets and add a magical look to any tree. Crystal is a form of glass treated with lead oxide to make it hard enough to work for faceting. The facets cause the light to reflect giving us the rainbow effect, we so associate with PollyAnna's crystals! Hanging crystals as glass Christmas tree ornaments makes a huge effect with any kind of colored lights on the tree.

Variety Of Glass

Glass Christmas decorations come is such range of colors, shapes and styles there really is something for everyone. If you like clear glass there will be clear glass baubles or icicles available. For painted effects there are hand painted or machine painted Santas or other shapes. If you like crystal there are a number of high quality crystal Christmas ranges produced by companies like Swarovski or Waterford,other names to look out for include Kosta Boda, Orrefors, Lalique, Baccarrat, and Nambe. Most of these companies make limited edition pieces each year for collectors. Some of these collectors items have increased in value substantially. If you like handmade Christmas Ornaments then finding some old chandelier crystals will give you the opportunity to make a stunning original Christmas ornament with some imagination.

There is plenty of choice with glass Christmas decorations, whatever your style or theme for Christmas you really can't go wrong with glass.