If you're in need of a computer desk but can't decide what type to buy, you're not alone.  There are so many different materials, colors and styles to choose from these days that it can be quite confusing.  

One option is a glass computer desk.  Like traditional timber desks, glass desks are available in many different styles.  In this article we review the pros and cons of owning and using a desk made of glass.

Advantages of the glass computer desk

Glass is easy to clean

Cleaning glass  is very simple.  Some water in a spray bottle with a little methylated spirit, and yesterday's newspaper will bring your surfaces beautifully clean and shiny.  If you don't care to mix up your own cleaning solution, then you can purchase a spray bottle of window cleaner from the supermarket which will do nearly as good a job for about five times the price.  Be careful not to spray your computer keyboard too liberally with the cleaning spray!

Surface is not easily damaged

Have you ever placed a hot cup of coffee on a timber desk surface and had an ugly ring burned into the surface of the desk?  You can happily place hot or cold drinks on a glass surface without damaging the desk.  

Sturdy and strong

A good quality glass desk will have a steel frame and tempered safety glass and will be strong enough to hold all your computer equipment, books, and personal items such as photographs.  It's not a good idea to let anyone sit or stand on your glass desk.  Always make sure that any desk you buy meets the safety standards appropriate for your country.


Most styles of glass desk are less expensive than the timber equivalent, because they are sold flat-packed.  The manufacturers save on labor costs by not needing to assemble the product, and the transport costs are also lower. 

Clean and clear aesthetic

Perhaps the best thing about any type of glass furniture is that it seems to fit in with most styles of home decor.  Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, modern or antique, a glass desk can complement your existing furnishings.

Disadvantages of the glass computer desk


If you tend to store things under the desk, transparent glass may not be the best choice for you.  Piles of files, boxes of miscellaneous "stuff", six pairs of shoes - if this sounds like you, then a glass desk will only highlight the clutter.  An alternative is frosted glass, or black glass, or you might prefer a solid timber desk instead.


Depending on where you intend to buy your desk, you will more than likely need to assemble it yourself, or hire someone to assemble it for you.  Assembling a desk is not difficult, but if you're not prepared to tackle the job yourself then it should not cost very much to pay someone to do it for you.