Some people are quite skeptical about owning a glass table. They worry about its safety, the amount of maintenance needed, and how clean it can remain. In a house with children, it becomes more important to consider these factors. However, as you'll see, glass dining room tables can be perfectly safe and don't require as much maintenance as you may expect.

Glass tables follow strict safety guidelines and are constructed with specially, scientifically designed formulas to assure that the glass is strong enough to avoid accidental breakage. If someone deliberately tries to break a glass table, of course they will succeed, but for normal bumps they will remain structurally sound. Throwing a plate down on the glass or placing hot or cold items on the table will not crack the glass. Still, not all glass tables are of the same quality so it is important to see what warranties come with the table before purchasing it.

To keep your table clean and the glistening glory of your dining room there are few basic steps to follow. Cleaning is important to keep your table in top shape. If you do not take proper care of it then it will certainly lose its shine. The basic maintenance procedures include:

  • You must make sure that nothing puts a scratch on your glass table. They are often impossible to remove from a glass surface. Make sure that the table surface is covered with a mat or coasters to prevent the dinnerware scratching the table. Coasters are available in colors that complement your décor. You may buy a variety of coasters or mats to suit different occasions and parties.
  •  Do not clean the surface with a cloth, because the cloth fibers could be rough and leave scratches. Make sure you use a sponge or feather duster to clean it. These will not scratch the surface and make sure that the table shines.
  • Use a good glass cleaner to keep the glass free from dust so that the surface gleams. There are anti-static solutions available which keep the dust particles at a minimum. As an alternative you may use a simple vinegar (white) solution or any other glass cleaner. Even acetone can be utilized safely.
  • Never take a chance with your glass. Although tempered glass is safe, make sure that you use place mats to keep hot dishes from marring even toughened glass.
  • Emery paper is best to remove scratches from a table. You just need to rub it gently over the surface to make sure it is completely dissolved. However, if you are unsure of how to do it, call a professional instead of trying to fix it yourself.  Used incorrectly, the emery paper can also scratch the surface.

To make sure that your dining table is the glory of your dining room, choose the right size table for the room. A table that is too large may dwarf the room. One that is too small looks awkward.  If you have a small family then there is no need to buy a large table. Bigger tables are difficult to maintain as well. Even a good table looks horrific if it is not placed properly. Heavy designs will make it look more like a gaudy out-of-place piece than like a functional table. If you live in a smaller house then you must go for minimal designs so that the table does not overpower the room.  Heavy designs look really beautiful only if you have a spacious room. Finally, the various designs of pieces in the room must complement each other to create a beautiful, eclectic look.