Gone are the days when wooden furniture was given preference over other materials available in the marketplace. More than durability, the matter of concern these days is the style that the furniture lends to the house. Glass dining room tables can be found at the top of the popularity list.  A whole range of styles of dining table are available to choose from according to an individual’s taste. 

The dining area is an essential part of the house, which needs to be appealing and welcoming even if the meal prepared is very simple. Glass dining room tables are a savvy choice when you do not want to compromise style for functionality. There is a lot we can do to give different looks to a dining table. It can be used with no covering at all, or different table mats, coasters, fruit bowls, flower pots can be used to enhance the look.

Glass is often presumed to be fragile, and not without reason. However these tables are not delicate darlings as the material used is tough, durable and weight resistant. However maintaining the beauty of the table is critical.


Keep the following tips in mind while taking care of the glass dining table:

  • Regular cleaning is a must as glass attracts a lot of dust and is prone to scratches.
  • Wipe the table after every meal with a soft cloth followed by a damp cloth to clean it perfectly.
  • To clean dry stains and tough marks it is preferred using a cleaning spray or luke warm water to remove the stains gently.
  • The weight it can bear is not an issue, as it is made of tough and durable glass material. However, take precautions while setting the table to assure implements do not scratch the glass.
  • To avoid scratches as well as adding some life to the table, we can choose from a variety of tablecloths, mats, and coasters.
  • The glass tops are designed to bear high temperatures but it is best to avoid keeping hot food directly on the table. This will help ensure you maximize the lifespan of your glass dining room table.
  • Even when taking the utmost care, glass tends get scratched at some time. These can be fixed by opting for glass polish readily available in the market.
  • Utmost care needs to be taken in designer glass tops where the edges are shaped according to the choice of the customer, but may not be as durable as regular edging.
  • Do not take the scratches lightly. Take quick action to fix them. These imperfections not only hinder the beauty of the dining table but they can also injure someone if the scratch is sharp and deep.
  • As already mentioned, even though the glass tops are weight resistant, one should not lean on them.


The price of the table depends on the size, shape, and design. They can be purchased at an affordable price that is worth spending to add that magical touch to the dining experience. Having an attractive environment while eating our meals is very important and easily accomplished using glass tops.  The base of the table can be mixed and matched as per choice. We can choose from wooden bases, iron bases, and fiberglass bases to name a few.

There are numerous websites online where we can choose from a wide variety of dining tables. It is a good practice to explore all the available options and prices online as well as offline to assure you are getting the best deal according to your budget.


I wish you the very best for choosing the best glass dining room table for your home.