If you are looking for a new hobby, or just love the look of glass etching, then here are a few tips to get you going on this really cool craft idea.

You may be surprised to learn, that this is not hard to do, there are some safety precautions you do have to take, but if you are careful, you can turn out some really awesome creations that would make great gifts or home decor.

It is a great way to personalize dollar store finds, and anything you may have around the house.

Glass Etching How To Do It - First step, is to gather all your glass etching supplies. You may have some at home, so just check the list and see, then save yourself having to buy more. You can get glass etching kits, which would make great gifts, but you will also find they have some supplies in them that you may already have, and are a bit expensive.

Things You Will Need

Glass Etching Cream (you can get this in craft stores)

Painters Tape (not masking tape, as it is hard to get off and will leave a residue)

soft artist paint brush

rubber gloves (you don't want any of the etching cream on your hands it burns!)

stickers and/or stencils that will stick to the glass (you can get pre made stencils that you can purchase at a craft store)

glass containers, such as wine glass, decorative vases, jars and anything that is clear glass.

Step 1


Now that you have all your supplies, make yourself a good place to work, such as a protected table top. Get out all your supplies, and now have some fun!

You can use the painters tape for masking out lines on your glass. Basically anything you stick to the glass right now, will not come in contact with the etching cream, and will leave a clear area. To begin with start simple until you get the hang of it.

Glass Etching How To Create a Stripe - You can maybe use a strip of painters tape around the top and bottom of the glass and the center. Make sure the tape ends meet and then really rub the tape well to make sure there are no areas the cream can get under.

Add some round stickers or circles to other parts of the glass and, once again make sure they are really stuck down.

Glass Etching How to Keep Your Hands Safe - Now put your rubber gloves on, and read the instructions on the side of your glass etching cream for any further instructions. You don't want to be getting this cream on your hands, as it will burn. Wash them right away if you do. But basically you take your paint brush and you dip it into the cream and then you dab it on your glass, you want a thick coat. It is not runny, it is almost like a white pudding texture.

Once you have covered your entire glass, now you let it sit for the length of time your particular brand (there are a few brands on the market) tells you on its label.

Glass Etching How to Wash It Off - Once you have waited the amount of time stated on the bottle. It is time to wash it off. You take your project over to the sink, and you rinse it under the tap well. Once it has been rinsed well, you now dry it with a clean towel, and take it back to your table.

You can get rid of the rubber gloves now, and start peeling off the tape and the stickers. Your project should look like frosted glass and clear glass where your stickers or tape was. The etching cream eats at the surface of the glass to give it that light frosted look. You can really get creative with this process or craft, and turn plain glass into works of art for yourself, your house or for great gifts.

Glass Etching How to Make Stencils - Now that you can see just how it is done, you can continue this way, or you can now get very creative. You could do fancy letter stencils for a gift, to personalize it. You can go online and find some clip art or letters, and print them off then trace them onto contact paper, or print them on the contact paper.

Cut out the designs with a knife, and then peel the back off the paper and stick it to the glass. Or you can go shopping in your local art store for pre-made stencils designed just for glass etching, such as Roman letters and numbers, or vintage looking designs.

There is no limit as to what you can do with this glass etching cream and some supplies. You can purchase this in kits, but if you can supply the rubber gloves, and the brush, you really only need to buy the etching cream and stencils or create your own. Also see Glass Etching Designs - Get Inspired with a Book and Cheap Glass Etching Stencils and Where to Find Them for more tips and ideas.

Tips & Warnings

you will like this so much you will be etching everything glass in your home!