If you are looking for a new hobby, or something you can turn into a business, then you should consider glass etching. How To etch glass, can be fun to learn, and there are many craft stores that sell all the supplies needed as well as designs and stencils, and books.

There are many ways to etch glass, some require equipment and expertise, but you can get great results using the etching cream that is sold in craft stores, or online. This cream, is caustic enough to etch the surface of the glass, so you will need to wear gloves, but it is a simple way to achieve stunning artistic pieces.

You can turn all those garage sale finds and dollar store glassware into beautiful gifts and also consider selling them as a home business or at craft shows. This would be one way to turn your hobby into a craft business. This is an affordable hobby, as all you need is the etching cream and some glassware. But it is the designs you create that make this a work of art.

You can create your own designs, by making your own stencils, but you can also use purchased stencils, as well as get great ideas from books. There are many books on the market, but this particular book The Weekend Crafter: Etching Glass: 20 Simple, Elegant Projects to Etch with Easy-to-Use Creams and Liquids has 20 easy projects for you to tackle, as well as many pages of step by step instructions to help you. This is a good book for getting started in this hobby.

There are projects such as champagne flute glasses, glass bead necklace, oil lamp (remember those garage sale finds!) room divider screen, and glass table tops just for a few examples. They help you pick designs, and all the considerations that you need to understand for each project.

If you have anything glass or mirror, you can etch it. You can also purchase kits, that contain everything to get you started. But really, the star of the show is the cream and a soft paint brush.

Just to give you a quick idea of how to do this. You basically find your glass object,
make sure it is very clean and dry, then you can use painters tape and mask off stripes or use stickers for a design. Then you take your special cream, and you dab it on, quite thick, then let it sit for a while (the bottle will have the directions), then wash it off with clean cool water. Once you peel off your stickers or tape, you will see that any areas you had covered will still be the clear glass, and the rest will have that frosted look.



Tip: You can get this book,  you can get it from Amazon online, and get some ideas, but there are a few other ideas you can try for yourself, which would be, to use scrap book stencils. All you need to do is place them over a piece of contact paper or shelf paper (something with a peel and stick backing) and trace them, then using a exacto knife or utility knife, you can cut them out of the contact paper and place them on your glass.

Scrap book supplies have lots of small stencils and stickers to use. So if you are into scrap booking and have lots of stencils and shaped stickers, you could start with those to see the effects. But you can also get stencils specifically designed for etching glass in the craft stores or online. It is up to you. Your imagination is the limit with this type of craft.

For the first project, try something easy, until you get the hang of it. Then you can try all kinds of cool designs, either using stencils or your own ideas. Get creative. You can make stunning gifts using this process. Such as champagne flutes with initials on them for a gift. It can almost look like engraving, but better!

I have seen a plain glass picture frame get personalized with a baby's name and birth date as a really nice gift. You would need to get letter stencils for this. But you can get all kinds of supplies for this hobby.

You can also do this for a craft business. Turn trash into treasures.  What better way to clean up and sell off garage sale finds, then to make them original pieces of useful art. Or you can take orders for items. There is a lot you can do with this. So, if you want to try your hand at a new hobby, or maybe you already do crafts, and are looking for something new to try, or to work with, then check out this glass etching how to book, and start digging out all those garage sale finds, or glassware you didn't like and make it a stunning piece of art. Also See Glass Etching - Create Your Own Works of Art and Cheap Glass Etching Stencils and Where to Find Them for more tips and ideas.