The most beautiful homes are those with backyard swimming pools. Actually, a home cannot be considered to be complete if it's missing a pool in the backyard.  Besides swimming, pools are meant to facelift a home providing elegance, style, fashion and utmost comfort. This notwithstanding, home pools can present danger to those living in the house, especially children. This is why it is vital that it is made as safe as possible while still maintain the same original elegance and style. Safety is achieved by pool fencing.

frameless glass pool fencing

Why Is Pool Fencing Important?

Pool fencing is very important if the safety of the pool is to be assured. Pool fences are structures raised around the perimeters of backyard swimming pools to protect the pool itself and also to prevent accidental drowning of small children who may find their way to the pool area.
There are various materials that can be used to make pool fences. These include glass, fiberglass, wood, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and aluminum tube, steel, removable mesh as well as other materials. By far the best and the most beautiful of these materials is glass for many reasons that we will shortly discuss.

Glass Pool Fencing

Among the most elegant pool fences are those made of glass. Pools are always designed to provide a picturesque home view as well as ensure luxury and fashion. Other materials can obscure the intended panoramic view of the pool or provide only partial view of the pool. You can make the most of your pool with glass pool fencing.

There are two types of glass pool fences you can use for your pool. These two types are semi-frameless and frameless glass pool fences.

Semi-frameless glass pool fences

These glass pool fences are invested by minimal frames that allow uninterrupted view of the pool area. The minimal frames can be seen at the margins of the glass for reinforcement and the points of attachment to hold them in place and provide strength. The posts are made from aluminum or stainless steel.

Frameless glass pool fences

Frameless glass pool fences provide totally uninterrupted view of the backyard pool. The glass is totally transparent, sometimes to the point imperceptibility. These lack stainless steel or aluminum posts but the glasses are thickened to provide strength to withstand all forces while providing perfect view of the pool.

Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

There are so many benefits of using glass to fence your pool. The topmost benefits are represented here below:

  • Glass fences are safe, stylish and state-of-the-art, providing uninterrupted view of the entire pool.
  • Glass fences make the pool area look spacious, allow maximum lighting of the pool making the area look great.
  • They do not alter the appearance of the landscape and abide by the rules and regulations governing pool fences.
  • Offer total safety of the pool from intruders, animals and foreign debris while preventing accidental drowning of small children who may gain access to the pool area.
  • Glass fences need minimal maintenance and keep the pool clean by creating a barrier from the exterior.