Looking for art for your walls that adds depth and vibrancy to your room? Glass wall art is a solution. Coming in many varieties, glass wall art can create a modern vibe while still adding a sense of real personality to a room. Here you'll learn about a few different types of glass wall art to help you find your style and the typical prices these pieces go for at retailers.

Top Glass Wall Art Choices: From Abstract To Stained Glass

Capiz Sunburst Metal Wall Art Abstract

It's tough to give an ultra-modern home style - so focused on simplicity - a sense of personality. It can be the case that extremely modern rooms become a bit too sterile. They can feel more like museum pieces than livable spaces. And the moment that happens, you've lost the core function of the space itself. How do you make your room feel livable again? Glass wall art is a good answer.

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Glass wall art comes in a lot of different flavors, but they all share one universal truth: they've got personality. They can take a blank space and give it a heart beat in an instant. It doesn't even need to be a modern space. There are many pieces that work across home design motifs to add a bit of life to a room.

They also make fantastic gifts. If you know people who are in need of a bit of wall love, a piece of glass wall art is a great way to help them. Try them as Christmas gifts or as house-warming gifts.

What types of glass wall art are out there? To inspire you, here are a few of the most popular kinds:

Metal Mirror Glass Wall Art Abstract

Glass and metal sunbursts

Talk about announcing your style. One of these pieces can resuscitate even the most personality challenged of rooms. In the right light, the glass beads on these pieces create unique reflection patterns that can add a lot of depth to the space. Many are priced between $40 and $75.

Abstract glass wall art

If you are not a fan of literal art, then abstract is a great way to go. Many of the pieces have familiar shapes (like the plant shapes here), but they are so close up that the patterns become the driving force to the art. The great thing about mixing abstract with glass is that the pieces just shine in the right lighting, It adds to the dimension of the piece and your room. You'll find many pieces for $30 to $50.

Glass wall tilesUmbra Folla Mirrored Glass Wall Tiles

Tiles are a fun solution as you can create your own work of art. Each shares a terrific designed look, but you can create the pattern that best fits your room, whether a big square or a more abstract wave from corner to corner. Tiles usually come in packs and cost somewhere between $25 and $45 per pack of three.

Frameless glass panels

These can be quite stunning in contemporary rooms. Without frames, the panels feel like they are floating on any wall in which they are placed. Most come in a high gloss finish so that they reflect light, adding to their vibrancy. You'll find many individual panels for between $15 and $25, but they typically look best when placed as a set on a wall.

Mirror art

Glass mirrors cut across any room style, not just modern motifs. When designed with interesting angles or framed in unique ways, these pieces of art can be very eye-catching. And they are a great way to add needed depth to a space. The mirrored surface reflects the room back creating the illusion of a larger space. There's a wide variety of mirrors out there, but a good selection for wall art sits in the $30 to $60 range.

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Stained glass art and glass mosaics

Both of these types of glass wall art hold a lot of personality. They have equal amounts classic beauty and modern style, making them a great solution for nearly any type of space, no matter the design motif. Their colors radiate through a room. You'll find these pieces going for a wide range, from $30 to $100 or more, depending on how complex the design is. 

Mission Craftsman Style Geometric Horizontal Art Glass Panel Wall Hanging Suncatcher 10 x 42(116102)

Illuminated glass wall art

These art pieces have built-in LED lights that get power from an electrical socket (meaning there is normally a cord to hide). When you flip the switch, you get a beautifully back-lit work of art that shines throughout the room. These are priced from $70 to $120 normally.

All of these and many more top varieties of glass wall art bring a lot to the table in terms of adding vibrancy to a room or home. You may even find that a mixture of a few of the types works well. Whatever your choice, you'll certainly enjoy the pulse that these pieces of home decor bring to your style.