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Why would I buy glasses for a computer?

My Gunnar Optiks GlassesI'll explain why we should wear glasses when we use our computers, but first we should note that a good number of people today use computers for many items. Some of those are, but not limited to;



• World of Warcraft

• Website Development

• Word Documents

• PowerPoint Presentations

• Research

• Email

• Social Networking Sites

• Data Storage

• Computer Programs

• Check news

• Check sports highlight videos and scores

Six out of eleven of these items listed have computer users spend more than ONE HOUR A DAY on their computers. A lot of us do three of those six items-listed everyday.

Those users get bombarded with short-wave light that is also known as blue light.

Blue light is a problem because it can prevent melatonin production and make your eyes tired.

Blue light prevents melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep in the human body.

If you have ever used a computer before you went to bed and struggled to get to sleep, then it might be caused by the blue light from your computer screen. Of course there are many possible reasons for insomnia, but the blue light may be it. For clarification I am not saying that blue light is your culprit, I’m only saying that blue light MIGHT be your culprit.

Blue light is also very hard for the eyes to focus on. If you have ever seen a ring around a street lamp light, then you can you see how your eyes are trying to focus on the light. The eyes are working hard to gather the light and focus it.

Our eyes work harder to gather and focus on the light when we use our computers. It's good to ease the trouble and help our eyes.

In summary some good reasons to wear computer glasses are:

• To get some better sleep

To keep our eyes from getting so dry

To ease the strain from long hours on our computers

To help our eyes focus on blue light.


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