Glassless Mirrors: Decorative, Gym and Parabolic Safety Mirrors

Did you know that there are now not one but two types of glassless mirrors available on the market? Yes, these glassless mirrors are shatterproof, and sure to save you from having 7 years of bad luck.

Two popular and effective solutions have created a favorable and long-lasting impression on designers, architects, business and homeowners who have opted to use them. Lets take a look at each of the options, their features, functions and unique benefits.

The Acrylic Solution

Shatterproof glass has been totally bypassed in developing durable mirrors, and guess what has replaced it? It's shatterproof acrylic...

Manufacturers naturally turned to acrylic since this versatile plastic material can be machine cast and manipulated, heat formed and laser cut for a variety of indoor or outdoor uses. In fact you may already be familiar with acrylic products with brand names, such as Plexiglass.

Specialist mirrored acrylic has a brilliant, highly reflective surface reminiscent of glass. It is an impact resistant plastic, a lighter and safer replacement that also has many other properties making it superior to glass.

Did you know glassless mirrors are brighter and have a sharper image than plate glass mirrors? Acrylic options are much more affordable than glass mirrors, are two and half times lighter and can be so easy to hang or install that you can do it yourself!

A popular acrylic sheet with a mirror finish also has the extra protection of durable acrylic polymer paint and a polyurethane top coat, using precision laser cutting and design technology. When you need a rigid mirror solution, look for acrylic mirrors online and in your favorite home stores, hardware stores and even glass and aluminum suppliers!

Reflective Metal Films

Did you know that the smoothest surface ever created by man is the mirror? Many modern breakthroughs and developments have found uses for mirrors, and mirrors in response have helped to further drive technology. For most purposes, it is the reflective property of mirrors that we most prize and value. Whereas acrylic mirrors replaced the glass as a mirror's medium, reflective metal films continue to provide a brighter image by focusing on the reflective metal surface itself.

Reflective metal films are vacuum stretched round aluminum frames, the raised frames provide an air space between the back of the film and the rigid polyurethane foam core of this glassless mirror. Since the core is made of foam, it is 7 times lighter than glass mirrors, and actually soft and pliable, not hard and rigid. So, if it is hit or scratched and the surface torn or punctured, it won't break during shipment or in your use, helping you avoid nasty accidents.

Other interesting features and benefits of reflective metal films include:
-Fog-resistance. These mirrors won't normally fog even in high humidity situations, such as when they are used in bathrooms, around steam rooms or indoor swimming pools.
-Keeps you Warm. The polyurethane foam also makes this glassless mirror panel a thermal insulator.
-Keeps it Quiet. It also absorbs sound, which makes it a natural sound-proofing material fro schools, auditoriums and other public places with high noise levels. Whats' more the sound-absorbing properties actually become stronger as the frequency (Hz) range grows higher!
-Jazzes it Up. The reflective metal film mirror can be silk-screened or painted with acrylic paints for decorative effects or graphic treatments, suggesting many theatrical and decorative functions.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Both kinds of glassless mirrors are so easy to take care of, dust seems to disappear as if by magic! Dust and grime are kept at bay by the natural static electricity of acrylic mirrors. If the acrylic panel should become dirty, just clean it using a non-abrasive, non-fiber cloth and common household cleaning liquids that are preferably clear and non-abrasive.

As long as reflective film mirrors are in a room free of cooking grease or smoke fumes, very little cleaning is required. If this sort of panel should get dirty, cleaning is just as easy: use a mild glass cleaner and a soft lint-free cloth to avoid scratching the surface.

Bright, New Applications!

Compared to contemporary glass mirrors, glassless mirrors have profoundly changed the way we use reflective surfaces. Just see how things have changed. Now you can:

Polish up an exhibit easily using glassless mirrors. Mount them easily and hang them without fear of it falling and breaking into a million pieces. Let glassless mirrors reflect the true nature of your products and services. Keep them enticingly bright and let the light shine on with glassless mirrors.

Build up a new portfolio of architectural uses with wall and ceiling mounted panels. Banish ghosts and ghost-images, glassless mirrors eliminate this optical problem usually found with glass mirrors. Protect yourself and your home more efficiently by using this glass alternative.

Shape up and get artsy with glassless mirrors. Their light weight, portability, easy installation and maintenance, make them ideal for gyms, hospitals and other athletic and health facilities, dance studios, rehearsal halls and the stage! Glassless mirrors often have a starring role in magic shows.

As time goes by and more and more mirrors are made, as more and more functions for mirrors are found that help to propel technological breakthroughs, let us celebrate the magic of glassless mirrors that have banished forever the curse of 7 years bad luck!