This is season 2, episode 10 of Glee. In this episode, A Very Glee Christmas, Artie tries to protect Brittany's belief in Santa Claus, but this becomes difficult when she asks for the impossible--she asks Santa to make Artie walk again.

At school, Bieste hosts a faculty Secret Santa, but Sue rigs the drawing pool in order to receive all the presents. Later, Bieste turns out to be the most generous Secret Santa of all.

Meanwhile, the glee club is having a difficult time raising money for homeless children. The kids at school hate them, Sue is a grinch, and Rachel is unable to reconcile with Finn. Will comes to terms with the fact that he might have to spend Christmas alone.

We Need a Little Christmas

This Glee episode, A Very Glee Christmas, begins with Emma (Jayma Mays) approaching Will (Matthew Morrison) in the faculty room. She asks if they're okay. He's been avoiding her ever since she told him about her marriage to Carl.

She asks him what he's doing for Christmas. He's looking forward to some quiet time. She says that Christmas is no time to be alone. She and Carl are having a party and she wants him to stop by. He thinks it would be better if they just kept things separate for awhile.

Coach Bieste (Dot-Marie Jones) enters and asks all the teachers to draw names for the Secret Santas. Everybody's name is in the tub. You get who you get and you don't get upset. Will draws Sue's name.

Meanwhile, Brittany (Heather Morris) is decorating her locker. Last year, she left her stockings over Christmas vacation and an entire family of mice starting living there. Their gift to each other was rabies.

Artie (Kevin McHale) wants only one thing from his parents--that they stop friend requesting him on Facebook. Brittany asks what Artie wants Santa to bring him. The roads to the North Pole are getting treacherous. She says he needs to write his letter today in order to it to arrive in time. And even the smallest envelope is heavy for an elf.

Artie is shocked to learn that Brittany still believes in Santa. In the glee club room, New Directions memebers are singing Island of Misfit Toys while decorating a tree. Will enters and asks what's this.

Finn (Cory Monteith) explains that he found a tree on the side of the road. Mercedes says this tree is like their school mascot. She says that despite winning sectionals two years in a row, everyone at the school thinks they still suck.

(Karofsky, Azimo, and another jock throw slushies at Mercedes, Tina, and Mike).

Will's not going to let them throw a pity party. He's the first one to say that things haven't turned out the way he wanted, but he's going to be grateful for the things that did. They're going to do charity work for the McKinney-Vento program for homeless children. They're going classroom to classroom to raise money.

Finn says that they have to try this (even if the other kids will kill them).

In a classroom, Mercedes (Amber Riley) sings We Need a Little Christmas. Everyone heckles them. The teacher throws a shoe at them.

Finn says they can't let this kill their Christmas spirit. Mr. Schue got them a beautiful tree. Brittany says that she asked Santa to get everyone to stop picking on the glee club. The others wonder if she's serious.

Artie huddles the others aside and explains that Brittany still believes in Santa. Rachel asks Finn to meet her in the auditorium at 4:00. Lauren says that somebody needs to break the news to Brittany. Artie doesn't want to burst her bubble. He tells them that as a kid, Christmas is magical because they believe in Santa. He'll do whatever it takes to let her keep the magic a little bit longer. He has a plan.

Brittany's Christmas Wish/Secret Santas

At the mall, Brittany says she doesn't understand the difference between an elf and a slave. Quinn (Dianna Agron) says that she won't sit on Santas lap. Santas laps are warm and creepy. Artie says that if Brittany sees that they all still believe in Santa, it will be enough to override all the naysayers. Artie tells Mercedes to sit on Santa's lap.

Mercedes sits on a black Santa's lap and tells him that she wants a pony, a doll that cries...she realizes that somebody smells like McDonald's and it isn't her. Lauren (Ashley Fink) wants Puckerman to love her. He's a fox. Quinn wants a way to get rid of stretch marks and sweet potato fries. Santana (Naya Rivera) wants more bling. She tells Santa that she hopes that's a roll of Certs in his pocket.

Quinn wants a way to get rid of stretch marks. Sam wants chapstick. Mike wants Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff. Tina wants Asian Santa to arrive.

Brittany tells an elf employee that she has rigths.

She tells Santa that he got really tan. He says that there's a hole in the ozone. She wants only one thing for Christmas. She wants him to be able to walk. She asks him if he can do that. Artie tries to tell him no, but Santa says he's on it. Artie thinks he's screwed.

In the auditorium, Rachel (Lea Michele) decorates it like an artificial winter wonderland. She gives him his Christmas gift. Although she's a Jew, she knows how much Christmas means to him. Her Christmas gift entitles him to one Rachel Berry song sung with love.

He doesn't think it's a good idea. He knows what she's trying to do and it isn't going to work. He isn't going to forgive her. The band asks if they should leave, but she says the show must go on. Rachel sings Merry Christmas, Darling.

Later, Will tries to brainstorm gift ideas for Sue (Jane Lynch): dog robot, a soul. He sighs.

At Dalton, Blaine (Darren Criss) plops a boombox on the table. He tells Kurt (Chris Colfer) that he's Marley's ghost and that he's here to tell him to stop studying so hard. Blaine needs to rehearse with Kurt. He got a gig singing Baby It's Cold Outside. They sing a charming duet. He says that Kurt is much better than that girl is going to be.

Mr. Schue surprises Kurt with a visit. He asks Kurt if it's anyone special. Kurt says that he is just a friend, but Kurt's in love with Blaine and he's actually gay. That's progress.

Will asks how he's going. Kurt says classes are harder, but kids are kinder. He asks Will if he's looking for a job where pencils aren't primarily used as weapons. Will tells him he needs holiday help. He's really bad at Christmas shopping (flashback to Will giving Terri jumper cables for Christmas). This year, he drew Sue in the Secret Santa pool.

Later in the hall, Will sees Emma with a gift. She drew Sue for the Secret Santa. Will runs after her and says that's not possible. Bieste says she's Sue's Secret Santa. Sue says she's everyone's Secret Santa. She rigged it by switching the tub for another one with her name only.

She hates Christmas, but loves gifts (like this fur-lined tracksuit for the winter months, Kurt's idea). She says these gifts are legally hers. She's an honorary member of the Lima Police Department.

Sue the Grinch

Down the halls, Sue asks Lauren why she's wearing a Santa hat. Lauren says it's Christmas. Sue says it's offensive because Lauren didn't give her any gifts. Lauren asks if she wants the hat. Sue says it's a start.

Becky tells Sue that there's a problem. In Sue's office, people are taking her gifts away. Will and Bieste tell Sue that they're donating them to the kids at McKinney-Vento. She asks Sue if she was one of those people who never got presents as a kid. It's true.

Will tells Sue that because she misrepresented herself, they're within their rights to repo the gifts. Ho ho ho. Will tells Sue that she's a grinch. She looks at the hat and has an idea.

In the locker room, Bieste tells the boys that she thought they were cool after they sang that song. The boys ask her to remember being a kid and looking forward to Santa on Christmas morning. Puck tells her that she has the perfect Santa body type. Artie wants Bieste to dress as Santa and tell Brittany that she can't give her the gift this year.

Artie argues that if he's not dancing in glee club rehearsal after Christmas with no explanation from her idol, she'll lose faith in St. Nick. Sam wants Bieste to say that the elves are working on it. They have awesome cords for stem cell research, but medical advances are a few years away.

Bieste reluctantly agrees. Artie tells Bieste to break into her house. Bieste tries to back down, but Brittany's parents agreed to it. They want her to keep believing in Santa.

In Sue's office, Becky tells Sue that the janitor got Sue hideous green gloves. Sue says they'll come in handy. No fingerprints. She puts on green face paint and tells Becky to dress as a "rein-dog." These disguises will give them a way out if anyone sees them.

In the glee club room, Sue takes away the Christmas tree and decorations accompanied by Sue the Grinch. She shred their music, breaks the ornaments, and cuts the tree. Brittany observes Sue wrapping the decorations. She sees "Santa" (in Sue's grinch costume). Brittany has a gift for the homeless kids. It's a dollhouse.

She asks Santa what she's doing . Sue says that one of the lights isn't work. She'll take it to her workshop and bring it back.

Last Christmas

The next day, Will walks in to find the mess. They say that everything's gone, including the gifts for the homeless kids. They think it's further proof that everyone in the school hates them no matter what they do. Will blames Sue.

Brittany says it was Santa and that he's fixing it. Will asks Brittany if she's sure it was a boy. Brittany says everyone knows that Santa is a boy. Rachel thinks it was one of the boys on the football team. Will's satisfied that it wasn't Sue.

Finn says that all around the world, worse things have happened. He's not going to let it get him down. This is the season. Rachel tells him that they're the leaders of the club. They need to put everything behind them and fix this.

Rachel and Finn are shopping for trees. She's trying to cuddle with him, but he resists. On the speakers, they're playing Wham's Last Christmas. He wants to split up to look for trees. Rachel sings a duet with Finn as they're walking separately.

Rachel says that last year, she asked Santa to give him Finn. She tries to kiss him. He pulls away, saying it's not last year anymore. He regrets bringing her here. He says she messed him up. Two of his girlfriends have cheated on him. Maybe she can ask Santa for him again next year. Finn's officially breaking up with her. An instrumental version of Silent Night plays in the background.

On dry runs, Santa uses the Isuzu

At school, Finn gives up his dad's watch. Puck (Mark Salling) puts in another watch. It was the first thing he ever stole.

Quinn complains that they're going to look terrible. Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) says that at least Quinn could pull it off with her bone structure. Rachel says that if Barbara (Streisand) can pull off a bob, so can she. Santana is ready to cut her hair, but Mr. Schue walks in and stops them.

Mercedes says they're going all Magi. Boys are giving up their watches and the girls will cut their hair. Artie thought they were getting a new tree. Rachel says that Finn bailed before they could get one.

Will asks if anyone actually read Gift of the Magi. If you actually read it, you'd know what it's about. Santana says that life really sucks. Will says she's right. When you're a kid, Christmas is magical with family, gifts, and cookies. Before you know it, you grow up, work, school, and girlfriends take over and Christmas becomes an obligation. At his age, he's so desperate to get that magic back, to feel how he did that first Christmas.

He tells them to put the watches and the scissors down. They're going to find people who really need the Christmas spirit, and they're going to sing for them.

Later, Brittany is preparing for bed, and tucking Ken and Barbie in. Brittany runs downstairs to find Santa (Bieste) putting presents under her tree. She tells Santa she's early. Bieste says she was doing a dry run. She asks Brittany to sit with Santy. Brittany tries to sit on her lap, but Bieste tells her to sit next to Santy. Santy's a little stinky and needs a good ol' sponge bath from Mrs. Claus.

She asks Brittany if she remembers what she asked for Christmas. Brittany asks for Artie to be able to walk. Bieste asks if there's anything else. Bieste says that she's trying but it's hard.

She tells a story about how there was a young girl who asked Santa to make her look a little more like the other girls. Santa couldn't do it, but gave her patience instead. The girl grew up to realize that she was glad Santa didn't give her what she asked for. She put being "husky" to good use.

Bieste tells Brittany that Santa can't give her what she wants for Christmas even though he'd like to. She gets up to leave. Brittany asks why she doesn't use the chimney. Bieste says that on dry runs, Santa uses the Isuzu.

Brittany sits sadly on the couch.

At school, Brittany is removing the Christmas decorations from her locker. She tells Artie that she lost the Christmas spirit. She used to believe that Santa could do anything. Now she doesn't know if she wants to believe anymore. She thinks it's unfair that he can't walk.

Mr. Schue tells them that he needs them in the faculty lounge. Artie says that Brittany isn't doing well. Santa thing. Will understands.

In the faculty lounge, Finn gives a speech about how the teachers suffer from dealing with them. Having them in their classes makes their dreams slowly chip away. (Will tells him to get to the point). Finn says that they're here to raise money for people who have a lot less than they do. Some of them have had a hard Christmas, but there isn't something Santa or a couple more Jingle Bells can't cure.

In Sue's office, Sue tells Becky that the real joy of Christmas was breaking the collective heart of the glee club. They hear a chorus of Welcome Christmas. In the faculty lounge, the glee club sings their hearts out as the teachers donate. It's beautiful. The teachers, even Sue is moved. Becky says that Christmas came anyway. It's beautiful.

Finn and Puck say they raised 210 dollars. Rachel emphasizes with Will because he got divorced and Miss Pillsbury married another guy. She invites him to her house where she and her dads will have Chinese and watch The Main Event. Will politely declines. Nothing wrong with being alone.

As the glee club walks into the choir room, Tina murmurs, "Artie." They see Artie standing on is two feet. He says he's using a ReWalk. Some guy in Israel invented it. He shows takes a few tentative steps with the machine.

Brittany says that they went home and it was under her tree. They ask how she could afford it. Sge didn't buy it. She didn't know what it was. She thought it was a transformer. Artie thought it was Brittany's dad, but he has no idea where it came from. He had gone to the bathroom and when he came back it was there. The glee club tells Brittany that it was Santa. It was a Christmas miracle.

Outside the door, Coach Bieste smiles to herself. She was the Secret Santa.

Later, Will enters his apartment expecting a night alone. He notices the fire in the fireplace. Sue is in his living room with a decorated tree and presents. She asks how he likes the tree. She says, "remember the old meanie who stole the stuff out of the choir room? Well she's sorry." Will asks what made her change her mind.

Sue says it's a Christmas miracle. She has a present for him. It's a hair razor. She says he might want to put them out of their misery and shave off that chia pet. Will says the tree looks pretty. Sue says that Santa had some helpers. She blows her whistle and Rachel enters, followed by the glee club. They're armed with decorations and refreshments.

Will says he thought she hated the holidays. Sue quips, "no I just hate you." At the tree, Finn and Rachel share a quick smile as they finish decorating.