Glee with Gwyneth Paltrow



Wow! So there’s a lot going on in this week’s episode of Glee, titled “Sexy”. In this episode, due to the cries and pleas of the fans of the show, Gwyneth Paltrow is back, reprising her role of “Holly Holiday”. This type of character is a role I am not accustomed to Gwyneth portraying, so it is very refreshing to see her as a free-spirited, sexually liberated woman. Due to Holly’s character, songs like “Do You Wanna Touch me (Oh Yeah)” and “Kiss” are very fitting.


So what is going on with Kurt and Blaine? I understand that they are two super-young and inexperienced gay teens but they are taking their sweet time to get to the point. When the Warblers perform the Neon Trees’ song “Animal” the awkwardness of their relationship is showcased once again. Even though they have a semi-romantic relationship budding, it is still nice to see them both compete and cooperate as singers. I will admit though, this song sounds awesome when performed by their acapella group.


Even though there were very lighthearted moments, the characters of “Santana”(Naya Rivera) and “Brittany” (Heather Morris) were easily the heart of the episode. In this episode, the characters finally have the chance to explore the depth of their relationship (as best they can at least, with Santana’s denial and Brittany’s lack of understanding). In this episode, I actually felt sorry for Santana for the first time. She finally displays complete vulnerability and reveals both her romantic feelings for Brittany and also the fear of being ridiculed by her peers. When Brittany denies her advances because of her relationship with Artie, the devastation must be doubly crushing. This was a powerful example of great acting by both Rivera and Morris.


My favorite piece of dialogue from this episode is:


Brittany: This relationship is confusing to me.

Santana: Breakfast is confusing for you.

Brittany: Sometimes it’s sweet and sometimes it’s salty. Like what if I have eggs for dinner? What is it?


Over all, aside from needing a tiny bit of tweaking, this episode was great. Gwyneth Paltrow did a great job of stirring the Glee pot and I can't wait to see what happens next.