Glee Original Song


Hi Fellow Gleeks,


Just like the other episodes of Glee (the TV series), this one was just as jammed packed with content. This episode showed the New Directions gearing up for the Regional Competition and trying to find the perfect song to compete with. Even though the students have this huge competition to prepare for, this did not stop them from backstroking in drama.
So one of the first numbers of the show is a Warblers rendition of “Misery” by Maroon 5 and I actually liked it. Even though the Warblers perform well together, I do agree with Kurt… I’m sick of it being the Blaine show when they sing. One of the Warblers is Telly Leung and I had the honor of seeing him perform a couple years ago when he toured in Jonathan Larson’s “RENT.” If he is half as talented still as he was then, it should be against the law for him to be forced to sing in the background of any ensemble. I can only imagine the level of talent possessed by the other actors who portray the Warblers.

I can’t speak for everyone but I am happy that Brittany decided to stay with Artie. There are numerous reasons why but loyalty should always be above all else. That, and I think it’s absolutely hysterical and cute when she hitches a ride on Artie’s lap while he wheels himself around!

In turn, this makes you wonder why Santana is still with Sam. She still continues to pick on him every chance she gets and doesn’t show any genuine feelings for him. Maybe Sam is her “beard”. This means that they are in a pretend relationship just to appear heterosexual.

Another part of the show that I enjoyed, was the fact that many of the characters had the chance to sing original songs. I don’t know about you but when Mercedes sings, regardless of what I'm doing, she has my full attention. Songs like “Bust Your Windows,” “River Deep Mountain High,” and “Take Me or Leave Me” make me wonder why she doesn’t get the spotlight more often in the series. Her song in this episode “Hell to the No” was both funny and full of attitude, which would have been a great beginning to their Regionals medley.

Speaking of the Regional Competition, Kathy Griffith playing an ultra-religious anti-gay bigot was the exact opposite of her comedic persona… which made her character absolutely hilarious. Between that, the first group singing a sacred(religious) song to sway the judges and Sue punching the host, I couldn’t decide which was a funnier moment. The “stand-out-moment” of this scene was indisputably the New Directions song “Loser Like Me”. It was a great culmination of everything that they have experienced as group and made light of their struggle down the road to Regionals.

In short, this episode of Glee was great. I can't wait to tune in for the next episode when Sue tries to exact her revenge on Shuester.