Chafing is a source of much pain and frustration for both men and women.   I discovered this when I became a runner with  a few pounds to lose.

The problem was this: I had big thighs. 

They rubbed together constantly when I was running.  At first I tried wearing spandex all the time, but the reality is that very few people actually look good in spandex. Plus, like I mentioned, I had a few pounds to lose.Rubbing thighs need Spandex or BodyGlideCredit: Flickr: Lululemon Athletica

I went online and researched the issue.  Many people claimed that vaseline worked, but it broke down too quickly and eventually you would start to chafe again.  Some people used baby oil, but if you weren't careful you could burn in other places since it spreads like wildfire.  Others used lotion, but it also didn't last long and could cause breakouts.

During one of the many 5K races I entered, I received a little tube of BodyGlide in my goody bag.BodyGlide anti-chafe balmCredit:


It was not sticky.  It was not oily.  It was clear.  Odorless.

I asked around and discovered that most runners use it to prevent blisters on their feet.  I thought that sounded reasonable, and put it there, too. 

I was a little skeptical because I sweat a lot when I run, especially my feet.  I thought maybe the glide would either stick to my socks or make my feet slippery.  That did not happen.  I just had nice soft feet that were very moisturized.

I started experimenting with the BodyGlide.  I have some bunions on my feet, so anytime I get a new pair of shoes it's painful until they get broken in.  Plus the heels always rub.  The next time I got a new pair of high-heeled shoes I rubbed the Glide all over my feet before I wore them for the day.  Success!  This stuff is magic.   I did feel like I needed to put it on again halfway through the day, but I do a lot of walking so I was not surprised.

I then introduced my husband to BodyGlide.  He loves it just as much as I do.  He works outside and  sweats a lot. As a man, he assures me that he gets chafed a lot on hot days.

We now use it for a variety of things.  I started doing triathlons and I use it underneath my wetsuit so that it easily slides on and off.  I also now do not wear ANY socks when I run.  Just Glide them and go.  I use it anytime there's an uncomfortable rub.

There is now a version of BodyGlide with SPF if getting a sunburn may be an issue.  For example, you may want to put it on your shoulders if you're hiking with a backpack and don't want the straps to chafe your skin.

I hope my trials with chafing, and ultimately finding BodyGlide will help you!