Global Domains International Review (36951)


Here is a Global Domains International Review that covers the benefits of being a member and what you can expect from their product and services.Global domains international also known as GDI has been around for a long time and is well known for their hosting and domain registration, it is also a company where you can earn a residual income as well.

The best part about GDI is their premium membership, this is great if you are interested in the business opportunity and it also gives you more hosting benefits . Here is a list of the features of the premium membership.

  • Not only do you get 10%commission but you also earn 14 times more than a basic member.
  • Basic and premium members can enter the weekly superstars bonus contest, this is where you can earn unlimited $100 bonuses for every 5 signups.
  • Every month you are given 3 x 1 month gift cards which you can pass on to any of your prospects
  • You will get a ticket into the daily lottery, 3 winners are chosen daily and they will receive trial signups from people who do not have an affiliate sponsor.

Every new member that signs up gets a trial account for 7 days for free test out their services.


The only cons about using GDI as a business opportunity is that if you have qualified for the weekly superstars bonus contest by referring 5 members and you are a basic member you will need to purchase at least 10 GDI DVD's.

If you live outside of the United States the shipping and handling may be costly, but if you have no trouble referring new members you should be in profit.If you are a premium member you automatically qualify to be elegible and do not have to purchase any DVD's.

Full Review

GDI only costs $10 per month for each .ws domain but you can also have other extensions such as .com.It is very affordable and you can get paid for recruiting new members as well.You will earn 10% from every domain and hosting purchase and you can also earn from 5 levels deep.

Once you have purchased your domain you either can use the sitebuilder to choose your website template or install a wordpress blog. Both of these platforms are very easy to use and you can have your website or blog running the very same day.

GDI has also two different memberships depending on how many websites you would like to host and how much you would like to earn. The basic membership is $10 per month and you get 10% commission and the premium membership costs$40 per month and you can earn $15 for every premium upgrade in your downline.Keep reading my global domains international review to find out the benefits of this company.

In Closing

As a global domains international member you also have access to training webinars that can help you understand more about the company and teach you how to go about recruiting new members.I hope my global domains international review has helped you decide if you would like to join one of the Best Home Businesses available online.If you are looking for an affordable company that offers reliable domains and hosting consider GDI.