Global warming is the changes in the surface air temperature brought about by the enhanced greenhouse effect, which is induced by emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc. into the air as a result of burning of fossil fuels (gas, kerosene, petrol etc) into the air. An increased global temperature causes sea level to rise, and this changes the amount and pattern of precipitation; resulting in dare consequences such as the continuing retreat of glaciers, permafrost and sea ice. This continuing warming is equally affecting food supply worldwide as temperature also affects agricultural yields. This whole talk of global warming is in effect triggered by the greenhouse effect.

What then is Greenhouse Effect?

As sunlight reaches the earth, some of its heat is absorbed and warms the earth; most of the sun's light is lost to the atmosphere, thus those lost in the atmosphere is now absorbed by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and its likes in the atmosphere before they are lost to space. It is this absorbed radiant energy that warms the atmosphere back to the earth. This whole process is what has been referred to at very times as "greenhouse effect." The higher the concentration of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the higher the resultant heat energy that is being reflected back to the earth.

World wide, no one is left out on the need at contributing efforts at reducing the acceleration of global warming. For the rational man, one major goal is to live a life in joy and harmony with itself and the environment. To enjoy life to its fullest, our lifestyles should not lead to destroying the same environment that provided us the platform with which we got to were we are. The way we choose to live our lives presently has a big impact on our environment later in future. We are all held accountable for the actions we take. We are all responsible for the current state of the global. As much as world renowned organization on climatic change are advocating and calling on industrialized nations of the world to reduce and in some cases eliminate certain harmful practices that compound current climatic conditions, our personal behavior plays a very pivotal role at checking those "little" harmful practices that contribute towards the globe warming up. We should be encouraged as individual to plant trees, use vehicles that consumes least fossil fuel, alternative sources of power like solar, solar cooker and also to desist from throwing any garbage into the river so as not to contaminate the river and also to drop off any recycling items at any designated recycling areas.

We are being charged today to desist from "sitting on the fence" and waiting on government laws and incentives at tackling the harmful effects of global warming before we put in our personal contribution. Our effort should proceed from a conscious effort at cubing the negative effort our actions have on the environment. For instance, buying an economic car should emerge from the realization that such decision would result in less harm to the environment than our inability to afford the cost for fuel on a larger car. A personal conviction on the part of all is needed at cubing environmental degradation so we don't wipe ourselves off the earth. Take action today!