Global Warming Intro

 For the people who do not know what global warming is I'll explain. Global warming is a global crisis in which due to the increased amount of pollutions and toxins released in the air the polar ice caps are melting. This is a very dangerous situation due to the pollutions of our cars and other things that run on fossil fuels. We can give to this as well but there isn't much we can do to stop it since 20% of our daily life depends on gas or other fuel products. We can help stop this by decreasing the amount of extra fuels we use. Due to the pollution released it causes depletion of the ozone layer, and melting of Antarctica. If antarctica melts we will have lots of lands permanently flooded and have oceans rise.

A Look At Global Warming



 There are a lot of bad dangers due to global warming oceans will rise and engulf many islands land close to water may perish, ocean levels will be too great to go back so it'll be permanent. Also not to mention the water we have to drink may also be gone since there'll be so much water it can combine with the water we drink. Dams can also break some of the rivers will overflow with water flooding nearby places and overpowering dams. The weather will change to it will start getting to hot way to hot and winters will perish. So why not keep our Earth clean it gave us life food shelter everything keep earth clean of pollutions.

Greenhouse Gases



 The future is bleak if this continues on mostly the possibilities are endless but still if in the near future no measures are taken to prevent this new ice age from coming the world will soon get to hot. since there will be no more particular source from where all the cold winds an air come it will get to hot and then many things are possible that can destroy ecosystems and take away special plants we need for medicines. My whole point is if somethings not done within the next years this can become a big deal. I hope this article alerted you.