Have you ever wondered what all of those nerds are talking about when they throw around terms like html, javascript or php? Well if you don't speak geek here is a glossary of terms for you so that you can show off how tech savvy you are next time you find yourself in the company of nerds. Just throw around some of this lingo when you encounter nerds at a party or social gathering and then smile and nod. So without further adieu here is the glossary of Internet Lingo.

Web Design Lingo

HTML – this stands for hyper-text markup language. It is the language of the World Wide Web. It is how web pages are written.

FTP – stands for file transfer protocol. An ftp is a way of transferring files from one user to another, or from a user to a server.

CSS – stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This is used in web design. It is used in conjunction with html to affect the styles of web pages such as colors and font sizes.

PHP – stands for hypertext preprocessor. This is another coding language used for websites for creating dynamic content

AJAX – stands for asynchronous javascript and xml. Ajax is used to create interactive web applications for use in web sites that can retrieve information inputted by a web page visitor and deliver it to the server.

PERL – Perl is popular among programmers because it is a versatile programming language used for text processing and graphics programming as well as system administration in regards to web applications.

MYSQL – MYSQL is an open source database management system for retrieving and storing user information.

ASP – (were not talking about the snake) Stands for Active Server Pages. Developed by Microsoft, is what they call a server side script engine.

IP – Stands for Internet Protocol. Each computer or server is given what they call and IP address. A way of recognizing different uses on networks.

DNS – Stands for Domain Name System – A system that translates IP addresses into domain names such as www.halfpoodle.com . Every domain name out there is really just a bunch of numbers but we use domain names because it is easier for humans to remember www.halfpoodle.com than it is A DNS translates all of those names into numbers and numbers into names.

Javascript – Is another powerful scripting language which can be embedded into html files for many uses. ("I can ace any trivia game you bring on/I'm fluent in Javascript as well as Klingon" – Weird Al excerpt from "White and Nerdy")

Well hopefully this will give you some fodder for your next nerd encounter. Good Luck!