Glow in the dark pool party supplies are wonderful novelties for adding even more fun to outdoor events. Manufacturers are coming out with all kinds of cool stuff that either glows by itself, under a blacklight or has LED features built-in. Products like this are perfect for creating memorable teen parties, but anybody can have fun with them if they enjoy using their pool at night. What is really great is that these items go way beyond your basic beach ball or frisbee.

Popular Glow In The Dark Pool Party Supplies

What kind of products are available for pool parties? There are so many interesting party supplies that sold online with glow features. Manufacturers make cups, utensils, cocktail glasses, stir sticks, fake ice cubes and more. People use these cool products during camping trips too. When it comes to throwing a pool party for kids or teens, giving out favors like glow bracelets and sunglasses to the guests is a great idea.

Pool Toy Products That Glow

One of the neatest pool toys is the glowing beach ball. Most of them use activated glow sticks that are  inserted into a special pocket in the ball. They come in great colors like blue, pink and green. Pool toys that glow are a favorite with kids. You can find sharks and other sea creatures   under water online. Simply filling a pool with glow sticks creates a spectacular and festive atmosphere for any pool party. Are glow sticks expensive? Not really. has good deals on these products. Amazon has a great selection of  outdoor party toys and favors for adults, teens and kids.

Floating Glow Sticks In The Pool

Novelties For Creating More Fun At A Pool Party

Summer time is party season and a time for finding excuses to stay out in the great weather. Using party lights that are whimsical and fun in outdoor spaces makes entire family happy. What person doesn't find novelty lighting interesting and pretty to look at? These products can create a magical oasis environment that will have people talking about your party for months.LED Floating Jellyfish Pool Lights  One of the coolest lighting ideas for the space around the pool itself is the glow cube. These products are used for seating as well as for creating beautiful lighting. They are ritzy-looking in appearance and make your backyard and pool area look as high-end as a popular tourist resort.

One of the most unusual novelties is the floating jellyfish light. Glowing pool party supplies like this showcase just how far the artistic quality of LED products have come in the last few years. The jellyfish lights are also available on along with thousands of other products that glow in the dark. I found a floating crocodile with LED eyes that I might add to my personal picks below.

Orb lights are awesome for pool parties!

Mood Light Garden Deco Ball (Light up Orb)
Amazon Price: $7.49 $6.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2013)
Solar-powered orbs are a great place to start when it comes to creating a festive mood around your pool at night. Not only are they great for crowds, I think I could swim around these orbs all night by myself.

Turn your pool into a 1970's disco

Underwater Light Show
Amazon Price: $15.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2013)
If swimming around with orbs isn't your cup of tea, you can create a fun disco feel to your pool by the use of underwater light show devices. The effect is amazing and allows room for real swimming although combining this with orbs would make for an incredibly colorful pool.

Floating Chill Bubbles can light up the night

Chill Lite Bubble Floating Light Show - 3 Pack With Remote
Amazon Price: $199.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2013)
These floating orbs are larger in dimension and are more practical if you need more intense lighting around your pool and patio. I think they look just as nice on the edge of the pool as they do floating in the water.