Black and white pics got that unexplainable sexy mystery to it. But you know what’s got more sexy mystery? Black and white pics with colored eyes! This effect can make your photos come off as scary, exotic, or just stylish. Your friends will know you only as PhotoMaster! 

If you got Photoshop CS5.5. let’s get started. If you don’t have Photoshop and are trying this tutorial on your cat this won't work. Unless you own a CS6 kitty!



You can use any pic but here’s one of God's gift to women! He’s got baby blue eyes so it’s a perfect example. Also don't think you have to limit this trick to eyes. Any object, clothing, puppy or octopus can experience awesome ephasis if you apply this Photoshop trick. 

1. Open your pic. File → Open 

And open your pic! Yay! You did it! Any pic of a person with eyes will do just fine. If you perform a google image search on people you will have more than enough choices. 

2. Duplicate Layer. 

Layer → Duplicate Layer 

Name your new layer SuperDuperAwesomeTown. You can name your new layer whatever you want but for the sake of the tutorial it's called Super Duper Awesome Town because it's the most professional name I can think of. This layer name took me six hours to come up with.  

3. Make sure Super Duper Awesome Town is highlighted in the layers panel. 

Go to Image → Adjustments → Hue / Saturation

Duplicate Layer

 4. Take Saturation and slide it ALL THE WAY to the left. You’ll be at negative 100! Press Okay. Because you’re okay in my book. 


5. Click on the eraser tool. Since we’re erasing over the eyes you might want to zoom in on your test subject / victim.  

6. Now erase the eyes. If everything is going to plan you should see you’re erasing the black and white to reveal the original color. 

Eraser Eyes

7. Save the pic and realize how red your eyes really are! 


Best of luck!