A gluten free diet generally rests on replacing wheat with other healthy fruits, vegetable and pulses.  But occassionally you do want to just use a substitute for normal bread, pastry and crackers. But not all of these products are created equal, so here are a few review of the ones I use.

To my mind, gluten-free crackers fall into four main types.  Some are really trying to look and taste just like a wheat craker, some are based on whole seeds like flax, some on corn and some on rice.  So these are my top picks in each category.

Simulated Wheat: Glutino

Glutino cracker are very similar to a classic wheat based cracker.  They are obviously going for a very similar texture and taste. The main ingredients are corn and rice derivatives but egg, palm oil and guar gum.  My main complaint is that I have bought several boxes of these now, and in every case most of the crackers have been broken. I am not sure if it is the way they are made or the way they are packed, but it does limit their usefulness. But for flavor,  and similarity to a wheat product, these are probably the best.

Plain Glutinos, one packet showing broken cracker

Whole Seeds: Flackers

"Flackers" are made out of flax seeds pressed into a kind of crispy flat rectangle with a consistency like a sesame craker.  I find these to be a exceptable platform to put something onto, but they have essentially no flavor of their own. I tried the rosemary flavor and found they still tasted pretty much of nothing, but had whole rosemary leaves mixed into the cracker. These are functional and while they don't really fee or taste like crakers, they do have the advantage of being organic and a good source of omega 3s.

Corn-Based: OrgaN Corn Crispibread

If you like a slight corn taste these OrgraN Corn Crispibreads can be the best option.  They are similar to a crispbread and the corn taste is noticeable but quite mild.

Rice-Based: Back to Nature

Personally I prefer the taste of raice to the taste of corn.  There is a really wide range of rice crackers and it pays to try a few out rather than just trying one and maybe not liking it. My favorite is Back to Nature Sesame Seed Rice Thin. These are quite salty, which I like, and have a subtle but pleasant savory flavor that i think goes very well with cheeses and fruit preserves.

My recommendation would be to be willing to try outa few products in order to find those you like, and not to use wheat substitute to excess--make soure you leave room for those healthy fruts and vegetables!