Gluten Free CakeFinding out that someone in your household has intolerance to gluten and/or wheat is, frankly, a nightmare. Especially if you happen to be the preparer of meals for the person! When my husband found out that products containing gluten were off the menu for the rest of his life, I was really at a loss for meals. Fortunately, I have a friend from high school who deals with this difficult situation on an even grander scale. She has the pleasure of having a family that contains not one, but FOUR family members that have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Wow, if I ever feel like I have it tough, I just give her a call!

Since I basically had to learn how to cook all over again, I went to my buddy for advice. The first thing she taught me was that there are several different kinds of gluten-free flours available on the market that, if mixed in the proper quantities, can be used in place of regular, all-purpose flour. This saved my life! I could finally start cooking again.

To mix up a batch of gluten-free all purpose flour, you will need three different flours.

· White Rice Flour

· Potato Starch Flour

· Tapioca Starch Flour

Mix the above ingredients in the following quantities:

· 6 Cups Rice Flour

· 2 Cups Potato Starch Flour

· 1 Cup Tapioca Start Flour

That's as easy as it gets! Now you have an all purpose flour that can be used for gluten-free recipes, which often call for a GF Flour in place of wheat flour. Most gluten free recipes that use flour will also require the addition of Xanthan Gum or Powder. This is also usually available in stores that sell GF products and its purpose it to bind your food together. It has no flavor; it just helps gluten free recipes hold better.

I am fortunate that in my area I have access to all of these different kinds of flour, but if you find you are struggling for gluten free ingredients, I suggest that you call a local health food store and ask for help. Slowly but surely, larger stores are finding that many people suffer from wheat and gluten intolerance, and they are now stocking their shelves with flours, breads and other products that were much more difficult to find in the past. Enjoy baking again!