Eating Gluten Free - Should I Eat Gluten Free?

These are the primary benefits you should notice.

 A gluten free diet is a must for anyone with Celiac disease since the protein in gluten can cause many serious health problems, mainly in the digestive system. If you have been having some stomach issues and wonder if you should eat gluten free and haven't been diagnosed already with Celiac disease, let's examine the health benefits of eating gluten free. It is important to note that only your physician can correctly diagnose a condition of Celiac disease through a special biopsy so, if you have these problems you should make an appointment with your doctor soon.

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There is no known cure for Celiac disease and it must be controlled entirely through the diet and it can be a lifesaver to ward off future diseases.


What are some of the Gluten Free Health Benefits?


Improved digestion

Gluten interferes with the body's ability to properly absorb nutrients from food and this in turn creates problems with digestion as food is not readily broken down for elimination. Eating gluten free will likely improve your digestion, reduce bloating, reduce gas and problems with constipation and or diarrhea.


Less stomach pain

If this is the cause of your stomach pain, you will usually get ill fairly rapidly after eating any food containing wheat, rye, barley, oats and some other grains. Try to eliminate it from your diet for at least a week to start to determine if you need to get rid of these grains all together from your diet.


Improved energy

If you notice that lately you've had less energy even though you try to get the right amount of sleep and take supplements, having a new diet could improve your energy levels. A lack of energy is one way that your body is signaling you that something is wrong. Take heed and start to pay attention to what your body is saying, it's really pretty smart!


Improved skin

The skin is not only the largest organ of the body, it is also one of the signals that your body is giving you that something is wrong inside. Removing gluten from your diet should improve your skin with less breakouts, less redness, itching or flaking. If you've tried everything else to improve your skin and also have any of the problems already listed, you could notice health benefits by getting rid of this particular type of grains from your diet.


Improved cholesterol levels

The gluten free diet consists mainly of lean proteins, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, soy and nuts and is also considered a very heart healthy diet since you'll need to stop eating many breads, muffins, donuts, cakes and other sweet treats, cereals and processed foods that contain higher levels of fats and sugars.

 Reduced risk of bone, liver, mental disorders and autoimmune disease


 ** It is important to note that even some beverages, medications and foods such as soy, malt, vinegar and even ketchup as well as canned and frozen foods contain gluten so you will become an expert at reading labels to control your Celiac disease.


Eating any special diet is definitely a challenge especially for those that are used to eating processed foods, whole wheat, rye, barley and even oats or any of the sweet treats listed above. More and more brands are paying attention to the need for more items and you may find an aisle in your local grocer for this specialty diet. Search online for a larger variety of foods especially if you live in a smaller city that may not carry a wide variety of items yet. If you have Celiac disease or think that you might, start to make some dietary changes and you should notice these dietary health benefits.

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