The glycemic index

A system of ranking carbohydrate foods you eat, and giving them a number. It tells if they have a low glycemic index or high glycemic index, which raises your blood insulin level. Doctors will recommend The GI or glycemic index to their patients that need to regulate their blood sugars.

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Regulate blood sugars

Doctors will recommend The GI or glycemic index to their patients that have diabetes or obesity. It has become an effective method of regulating blood insulin. Nutritionists and dieticians used to recommend the complex carbs vs. simple carbs system of regulating blood sugar levels. It has now been proven that the glycemic index has become a better method to choose. Not only for diabetics to use, but also used for weight loss too. Take into consideration foods that have low GI consists of fifty five or below; medium GI consists of fifty five-fifty nine; and high GI consists of seventy and above.

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Choose the low glycemic foods

Choosing foods that have a low glycemic index keep you feeling full longer, and help you to manage weight better. High glycemic foods will set off changes in your hormones, and metabolism affecting the blood glucose level. The glycemic index gives a diabetic more of an edge over the diabetic foods they choose. It's been theorized that if a diabetic can use the glycemic index to regulate their blood sugar levels. It would be an advantage for an obese individual giving them control over the foods they eat and weight control too.

Eat healthy foods

Using the GI is not a simple answer for an obese person, but it's a handy tool they can use with a calorie counter and exercise. The Low Glycemic Impact Diet is one of the most popular GI diets, along with Nutrisystem Nourish and South Beach Diet. Diet along with nutrition foods will help you to lose weight. Eating healthy foods that are low glycemic.

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· Breakfast cereal with oats, barley and wheat.

· Breads consisting of wheat flour, grinding flour, and sourdough starter

· Eat fruit and vegetables

· Eat more pasta and fewer potatoes

· Eat salads with dressing of oil and vinegar

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Have a Healthy Heart

No matter what shape you are in eating a low glycemic diet and cooking healthy recipes can benefit a heart healthy you. Eating lots of low carb meals makes the glucose go into the blood stream slower giving you more energy, and losing weight. Following the low glycemic index can be beneficial to lowering their HDL cholesterol and triglycerides both signs of stroke or heart attack.